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Nigella Lawson Admits She Isn't Proud Of Her Drug Use!

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Nigella Lawson is ashamed of drug use but glad to have told the truth.

Nigella Lawson isn't proud of her admitted drug use but she is doing what she feels is right.

She is okay with letting all of this personal information get out because, though she has used drugs, she's not some sort of crank fiend.

Nigella said:

"I would rather be honest and ashamed… not bullied with lies."

As you know by now, she took the stand in the court case involving her ex-husband Charles Saatchi and her two former personal assistants the Grillo sisters, Francesca, 35, and Elisabetta, 41.

When Nigella took the stand and the defense in the case accused her of lying about her drug use, she said:

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Ariana Grande Defends Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber!!! See The SHOCKING Vid HERE!

ariana grande defends justin bieber miiley cyrus insight video watch here


Wait, aren't we the press?


Ariana Grande recently dished out huge heaps of cold, hard Miley Cyrus truth (again) and we love it!

Srsly, her AH-Mazingly articulate and perceptive point of view will blow your mind!!

Ariana talks about the Biebs, too! She thinks Justin Bieber is being unfairly criticized for banging South American hookers and peeing in buckets and whatnot, so she's suggesting everyone back the eff off!!

Ch-ch-check out her AMAZEBALLZ interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Miley Cyrus Is Having A Justin Bieber Moment As She's Investigated For Crime In Another Country!

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miley cyrus smoking pot under investigation

What is it with kids these days?! First Justin Bieber in Brazil and now this!

You might be able to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam, but you've gotta be careful where you're smoking it!

Miley Cyrus might just learn that lesson the hard way because while she might've thought it was totes cool to light up at the EMAs this weekend, it's actually not completely a-okay.

It seems Mileybird is now under investigation for

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Miley Cyrus' People Get The Blame For Sexified VMAs Performance, Says Bethenny Frankel!

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bethenny frankel miley cyrus defending over vmas performance

Who knew Bethenny Frankel was Team Miley??

But apparently the margarita momma is on Miley Cyrus' side after the whole twerking debacle that went down at the VMAs this Sunday.

While Mileybird has received a whole lotta backlash for humping, gyrating, and doing ungodly things to a foam finger, Bethenny doesn't think the young singer is to blame for her actions! Really? Because we hear it's ALL on her!

Bethenny laid out her defense of Miley on Twitter:

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Paula Deen Using Prop 8's Dismissal In Her OWN Court Case!

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paula deen lisa jackson racism workplace lawsuit food

Paula Deen is really grasping at straws here — and who wouldn't be, after all of the losses she's taken on in the past few weeks?

It all started with a lawsuit. A former employee, Lisa Jackson, is suing because of racial harassment and a hostile work environment, including an accusation of making racist remarks about the restaurant's African-American employees. Paula's defense team has since said that Lisa has no grounds to be offended, because she's white.

Paula's team is now using the Supreme Court's historic ruling of striking down Prop 8 to enhance her own case, and this is how she's doing it:

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Amanda Bynes Furious With Tabloids, Calls Dirty Drug/Sex Pics Doctored! Read Her Diatribe HERE!

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amanda bynes tabloid response denial doctored pictures weed

In the least surprising news of the week, Amanda Bynes is PISSED at the media!

After InTouch published totally scandalous pics of the troubled actress seemingly doing drugs in skimpy clothes with sketchy folks, 'Manda is fighting back!!!

She claims the woman pictured in the spread is someone else entirely!

And she's shocked you don't recognize her perfectly pedicured toes!!!

The What a Girl Wants starlet made her case on Twitter.

She swore

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Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes Now Hopes To Plead Insanity!

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james holmes insanity plea expected change aurora shootings dark knight

It's been almost ten months since James Holmes allegedly murdered 12 people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater and injured another 70, but his trial is barely yet underway.

Months ago, we told you the supremely disturbed suspect entered a "not guilty" plea — perhaps in hope of escaping the death penalty — but now James' and his legal team are attempting to modify their defense.

James now plans to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity!

And it's looks like the judge might let him do it!

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