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Benedict Cumberbatch's Naked Body Glistens In Deleted Star Trek Shower Scene! WATCH HERE!

benedict cumberbatch star trek deleted shower scene

If you have yet to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, then you haven't witnessed Benedict Cumberbatch's glorious depiction of…

Well, we don't want to ruin it for you, LOLz!

However, we do want to treat you to this eye-pleasuring deleted scene of Benedict NAKED in the shower, looking to be lost in some VERY serious thoughts.

JJ Abrams has been criticized for including a random scene in the movie that shows Alice Eve in her underwearz…

Why he chose to keep that and CUT Benedict's sexy showering self is baffling to us, LOLz!

Take a peek at Ben's STEAMY bod (above)…

THEN, to watch the sopping wet scene in its entirety, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Banged Her Iron Man 3 Co-Star, Made A Sex Tape & Screened It At Home Depot?

gwyneth paltrow guy pearce sex tape iron man 3 robert downey jr home deport chris martin

Too weird!!

If you've seen Iron Man 3, you already know the film's plot has more twists than a Chubby Checker music video. As it turns out, the creator's original concept was even stranger seXXXier than the final product!!

In one version of the script, Gwyneth Paltrow cheats on Robert Downey Jr. with one of the bad guys!!!

They even make a sex tape together!!

And then they screen it at a Home Depot!!

What the effing eff?!?!

If you're ready for MAJOR plot reveals, find out the incredibly unexpected sex subplot that never made it into the final film …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Robert Pattinson Fights Taylor Lautner In Breaking Dawn Deleted Scene! Watch HERE!

Twihards, if you thought the Twilight saga was over with Breaking Dawn - Part 2, then we have something to ease those finale blues!

The extended edition of Breaking Dawn - Part 1 was recently released on DVD and it comes packed with deleted scenes that didn’t make the cut the first time around!

One of those clips features Edward lunging towards Jacob, resulting in one full-on vamp vs. werewolf attack!!!

Check out the intense fight scene (above)!!

Holy shiz… that was one HEATED moment!

How this scene didn’t make it to theaters, we may never know!!! LOLz!

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Nina Dobrev's HEART-BREAKING Deleted Abortion Scene From Perks Of Being A Wallflower Comes To Light! Watch HERE!

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perks of being a wallflower abortion 34 deleted scenes  opt

Oh Nina! Darling Nina Dobrev!

The film adaptation of iconic coming-of-age novel Perks of Being A Wallflower is already a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking masterpiece as is, so we totally understand why director/writer Stephen Chbosky decided to leave out the scene where Charlie comforts Candace (Nina) after she gets an abortion…

But despite the intensity of the clip, Nina's stellar acting abilities shine through and the relationship between Candace and Charlie is beautifully addressed.

Ch-ch-check out the tear-inducing deleted scene …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Glee Graduation Deleted Scene: A Chang Family Touching Moment!!

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Now WHY wasn't this emotionally stirring scene included in last season's Glee?!

Nah, we get it, sometimes even Glods like Ryan Murphy have to kill their darlings! But, thank goodness we've got accessible platforms like Twitter in which Ryan can deliver sooo many Glee treasures!!

Mr. Murphs debuted yet ANOTHER Glee season 3 deleted delight in the form of this Mike Chang-centric scene (above)!

Tina sees a bleak future for her and Mike, and what's this? A thoughtful graduation from Mike's parents?! Aww, tears!

Thanks Ryan for trickling these Glee-orious wonders into our summer Glee-hole, left QUITE empty from lack of New Directions musical love!

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GLEEKS! Ryan Murphy Delivers! Check Out Lea Michele & Dianna Agron In A DRAMATIC Faberry Scene!

It's like Christmas and our birthday and Easter all rolled into one dramatic, musical ball!

Earlier, we posted a Blaine/Kurt deleted scene from Glee's meaty season three, and NOW we have another shelved delight for all you curious gleeks out there!

And if you're a Faberry fan, we're going to need your FULL attention.

Ever wondered how Rachel found her perfect wedding dress? And why WAS Quinn SO adamantly against the Finn/Rachel wedding?! Besides the obvious fact of Rachel being a BABY bride…

Get some satisfaction and join Rachel and the girls for a matrimonial gown fitting (above)!

We LOVE the marriage-themed elevator music in the background… we only wish the lovely ladies of New Directions would suddenly bust out into a full on Glee club number! Ah well, perhaps in our dreams!

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Glee Releases Cooper Anderson's HIGHlarious Transformers Audition!!

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Ryan Murphy is just the best, isn't he??

Putting these two handsome men together for our comedic enjoyment… LOL!

As U know WE know, Blaine recommended a Transformers audition to big brother Cooper on this week's Glee.

And while that tape may not have made it to the tv show, it definitely snuck its way onto the internetz!

Praise the Murph!!

Darren Criss is wonderful, as always.. but Matt Bomer is utterly HIGHlarious!

PresSsSsSs PlaaaaYyY (above)!!! P.S! UR WELCOME!!

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