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Survivor Winner Back In Court!


This guy just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble, can he?

Richard Hatch, who was the original winner of the reality series Survivor, is scheduled to appear in a Providence, RI federal court today over allegations that he violated terms of his probation!

If you recall, the reality contestant was convicted of failing to pay the taxes on his $1 million prize, and spent more than three years behind bars.

He was then released in 2009, but under the condition that he re-file and pay his 2000 and 2001 tax returns, which the federal probation office claims he has STILL yet to do!

WTF?? Seriously?!

We sincerely hope that this is some sort of miscommunication, because he would have to be STOOPID to eff this up again! Unless he wanted to spend another two years in jail!

Best of luck, bb. You're going to need it!

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Pimp My Ride Host Xzibit Should Have Pimped Paid His Taxes

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xzibit owes nearly 1 million dollars in taxes

Sorry, Xzibit, but now the shiz has hit the fan!

Former Pimp My Ride host Xzibit currently owes almost $1 million in delinquent federal taxes.

X blames the cancellation of his MTV show for his tremendous money problems.

Apparently, he's declared bankruptcy TWICE since 2009, but they've been dismissed both times.

Tsk tsk, Xzibit. It's not like you haven't been working at all. We've seen you around!

Get on a long-term payment plan and start digging into that debt, bb.

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Gordon Ramsay Owes Big $$$ To Uncle Sam!

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No wonder most of his restaurants are folding. The US government needs to get paid!

According to sources, Gordon Ramsay's company allegedly owes over $2 million in unpaid taxes. In the last eight months, his company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings has been sent three outstanding tax bills.

Though the company in peril bares his name, a spokesperson for the copmany released a statment, relieving the good chef from any liability:

"This [debt] relates specifically to a restaurant operation in New York which has been restructured. Conversations are in hand with US authorities to settle outstanding corporate liabilities."

Well, it's been quite a year for you, hasn't it Gordon. A couple of lawsuits, restaurants folding left and right, and now this! Thank goodness FOX still likes you!

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Prosecutors Try To Get Wesley Snipes' Appeal Bond Revoked!


Ouch! He is not catching a break, is he?

Federal prosecutors in Florida are apparently attempting to get Wesley Snipes' appeal bond revoked, so he will have to serve his three year prison sentence for not filing his income tax returns!

He was previously given an appellate bond and allowed to stay out of jail, but apparently the feds don't want to see that happen!

Sucks! But the rules are the rules!

You gotta pay your taxes, people!


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Pay Up, Bentley!

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Tsk! Tsk!

Uncle Sam always finds you out!

Wes Bentley, only best known for his role in American Beauty, is facing some financial trouble with the U.S. government.

He owes as much as $204,000 in delinquent federal taxes!

Whoa! That's way more than any royalties from DVD sales are going to cover.

The IRS put a lien on Wes last March, following two previous liens from last year. Still, no real dent in the debt has been made.

You need a job, BB! And fast!

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Comedian Katt Williams Owes Big $$$$$ To The IRS!

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He's in trouble AGAIN!

Katt Williams is in more financial drama! On top of the $1 million lawsuit from a record studio owner, who claims the comedian assaulted him.

Now he owes the IRS over $280,000 in unpaid taxes.

"Mr. Williams will pay all debts owed to the IRS," said his manager.

With what money?! Ha.

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Pam Anderson & Her Delinquent Tittays Explain!


Pam Anderson owes a ton of $$$ in taxes, but she has an excuse.

Shiz happened. The end.


Pam took to her Twitter to offer a vague, but official answer to the inquiries about her tax evasion. She wrote:

"I’m not trying to avoid any tax obligation. Certain events occurred, outside of my control which caused this temporary but embarrassing situation. All of my tax obligations will be resolved in the very near future."

Makes no difference to us, but it would be good for you to get on that. We don't think they make orange jumpsuits big enough for your tittays.

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