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Katy Perry Helped Deliver A Baby! In A Living Room!

katy perry helped deliver a baby in a living room

Screw eating chocolates or talking with your girlfriends after a breakup!

Helping deliver a baby is the way to go to get over your heartache!

Which is exactly what Katy Perry did this past Wednesday, and although the details were scarce - the essentials were Katy Perry had a life changing moment.

And it didn't happen in a hospital room, but in

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Wild Mama Bear Gives Birth Live On Webcam

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This is really amazing.

A webcam was set up in a mama bear's cave out in the wild.

It was live streaming 24/7 during her pregnancy.

She started acting funny recently and people thought the cubs might be coming… and they were right!

The video isn't the best quality because it's just a lone camera but you can see her start to move around and hear the new baby cub squealing.

So amazing.

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311 Frontman Tells Terrifying Story Of Delivering Wife's Baby

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We can't even imagine having to delivery a baby! Let alone, without a doctor or a midwife!

311's frontman Nick Hexum was forced to do just that when his wife suddenly went into labor.

He and his wife Nikki had planned on having a home birth for their second daughter, Maxine, but things went awry when she went into labor before her midwife arrived.

Having watch the birth of their first daughter, Echo, Nick wasn't afraid to dive right in and help his wife give birth.

He tells the terrifying and VERY graphic story of how it all went down:

"After Max's head popped out, the delivery stalled for the next couple of contractions. The baby's head was blue and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. I was worried the cord was choking her, keeping blood from getting to her brain.

I knew from observing and listening the first time around that sometimes the baby's shoulder would get caught and they would have to reach in there and break its collar bone to free her. [I] felt the shoulders and rotated the baby back and forth.

I jiggled her around until I heard a 'wahhh!' It was an amazing moment. Everything was fine! We never went to the hospital. We just sat in bed laughing and crying tears of joy about what a crazy experience it was."

Incredible! Such a harrowing experience, but thankfully it turned alright and both momma, daddy, AND baby are fine!

Way to be a hero, Nick!

[Image via WENN.]

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