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Taylor Swift 'Desperate' To Meet Prince Harry! Trading Up For A Royal!?

taylor swift prince harry

There could be a new Harry in Taylor Swift's life. And this one is ACTUALLY royalty!

As Prince Harry is set to make his first trip to the US since his Vegas nekkedness fiasco last summer, it seems Tay Tay might want to add this fella to her song list.

A source revealed:

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Miley Cyrus DESPERATE To Keep Liam Hemsworth Under Her Wing?!

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miley cyrus desparate liam hemsworth back breakup

She may be an untamable, independent, wild child, but this child apparently still yearnz for the love of her manz!

Despite hearing that Miley Cyrus and her fiance Liam Hemsworth are working on their various relationship issues, other sources claim that they HAVE indeed broken things off, and that Mz. Miley is NOT happy about it.

In fact, one alleged "friend" of the bleached-blonde babe says Miley is terrified at the idea of not having Liam in her life, and that she'll do anything to get him back!

The insider reveals:

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Matt Lauer And Ann Curry To Reconcile?! NBC Hopes So!


Even though Matt Lauer wasn't the one who got the boot, his image has suffered the most from Ann Curry's dismissal.

While Matt did earn $25 million this year, the money wasn't enough to ease the emotional pain and damage to his image.

Matt's image has been so tainted that NBC has begged him to take a public lunch with Ann Curry in hopes of mending his persona and upping Today's suffering ratings.

Matt is STILL being constantly heckled on the streets of New York because of his behavior toward Ann and NBC is becoming desperate to show a kind of public unity between the two!

Matt would probably be up for it, seeing as his job is on the line!! We wouldn't be surpised if Ann told NBC to f*^% off though!

What goes around comes around!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Lindsay Lohan Owes EVEN MORE Money!! Storage Locker Seized!!


Oh Linds, when will you learn??

Just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean everything comes for free!!!

It has been discovered that Lindsay Lohan is in even more debt than the $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes, but this time she owes it to a storage locker.

The convict Liz and Dick leading lady reportedly owes $16,000 to the storage company that has a unit containing Linds' designer clothing, sentimental family heirlooms, and a secret stash of cocaine other prized possessions.

The company has labeled the unit “deliquent” and won’t let LiLo

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10 Famous Movie Quotes You Can Use As Pickup Lines!

Filed under: Film FlickersSilly!


Obvs these aren't the only famous movie quotes out there that can be used to pick up that hot lady or gent at that raunchy club you frequent on Thursday nights, but they're some of our faves!

Test them out — what's the harm?? LOLz!

Here are our Top Ten Famous Movie Quotes To Break The IceAFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Lindsay Lohan: The Mystery Of The Missing Money!


So that's why Linday Lohan's fingers get so sticky around expensive jewels… she literally has NO MONEY!

But where does it all go?! Why can't Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos pay any of her taxes?!

Well it seems that Lindsay's lavish spending habits are as allegedly out of control as her drinking!

One insider reveals:

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Kristen Stewart Tells Conan "I Like Things In My Mouth"! WATCH Interview HERE!

Oh Stewie, we can always count on you to say something so naughty and scandalous…

When it's not about anything scandalous at all!

A vamped out Kristen Stewart brought her restless legs and awkward pauses to Conan recently, and girl revealed that she just likes to put things in her mouth.


Ohhh ok, NOW we get why Robert Pattinson seems so smitten over you!

Watch as Conan attempts to crumble KStew's walls with comedy, tries to offer Kstew an internship when she reveals she's DESPERATE for a job, and find out just WHAT Kristen likes to hold inside those lips of hers (above)!

The driest of dry females also discusses Twilight (duh), fake-girl power roles, and even shows the video that gives her daily inspiration as an actress.


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