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10 Famous Movie Quotes You Can Use As Pickup Lines!

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Obvs these aren't the only famous movie quotes out there that can be used to pick up that hot lady or gent at that raunchy club you frequent on Thursday nights, but they're some of our faves!

Test them out — what's the harm?? LOLz!

Here are our Top Ten Famous Movie Quotes To Break The IceAFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Lindsay Lohan: The Mystery Of The Missing Money!


So that's why Linday Lohan's fingers get so sticky around expensive jewels… she literally has NO MONEY!

But where does it all go?! Why can't Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos pay any of her taxes?!

Well it seems that Lindsay's lavish spending habits are as allegedly out of control as her drinking!

One insider reveals:

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Kristen Stewart Tells Conan "I Like Things In My Mouth"! WATCH Interview HERE!

Oh Stewie, we can always count on you to say something so naughty and scandalous…

When it's not about anything scandalous at all!

A vamped out Kristen Stewart brought her restless legs and awkward pauses to Conan recently, and girl revealed that she just likes to put things in her mouth.


Ohhh ok, NOW we get why Robert Pattinson seems so smitten over you!

Watch as Conan attempts to crumble KStew's walls with comedy, tries to offer Kstew an internship when she reveals she's DESPERATE for a job, and find out just WHAT Kristen likes to hold inside those lips of hers (above)!

The driest of dry females also discusses Twilight (duh), fake-girl power roles, and even shows the video that gives her daily inspiration as an actress.


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Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez End Their Love

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eva longoria mark sanchez dating confirmed

It has NOT been a good week for Mark Sanchez.

First, his team lost a gut wrenching game to the New England Patriots, and now him and Eva Longoria are reportedly DUNZO.

If there is any silver lining to this sad day for the couple, it is that the two separated on amicable terms.

Here's what a source said:

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Chris Brown Wants What He Can't Have! Begging Karrueche To Take Him Back!

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Sorry, Chris Brown!

Let this be a lesson that you should have learned a long time ago:

You can't always have your cake and eat it, too!

Although the singer apparently expected some sort of empathy from his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, when he released a video claiming to be in love with both she and Rihanna, the model was apparently mortified that he would air their dirty laundry to the public!

And now that she's refusing to rekindle their romance, the singer is reportedly calling and texting her RELENTLESSLY in hopes to win her back!

A source close to the situation explains:

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Geri Halliwell: 'Humiliated' By Russell Brand Tryst


Well, this just goes to show that you can't make great decisions all the time!

Apparently Geri Halliwell is HUMILIATED by the little fling she had with Russell Brand after the London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony!

So what happened?

Russell went all the way to Suffolk UK to meet up with another lady, that's what! Boooooo!

Can't a girl get a phone call when things are done??? RUDE!!!

Here's what a source close to it all says:

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Rupert Sanders Will Have To Abide By Liberty Ross' "FIVE POINT PLAN" To Save His Marriage!


It looks more and more like Liberty Ross may be willing to take her cheating husband Rupert Sanders back!

We reported earlier that a month after the Snow White and the Huntsman director betrayed her trust by engaging in an affair with Kristen Stewart, the model is still unclear on whether or not she ready to reconcile, but according to sources, the pair met Friday afternoon for a

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