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Eva Longoria Is An Executive Producer!

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Longoria ABC Exec

Eva Longoria: beauty, actress… executive producer??

It's true!

Eva is joining an ABC pilot as an executive producer — and it's called Devious Maids!

Plus, she totally knows what she's doing:

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Desperate Housewives Ratings Are Down

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DH RAtings Down

Whomp whomp!

Desperate Housewives ratings are down from last week, making it a terrible way to go out on the series — with falling numbers.

They need to step up their game!

At least they didn't fall as far as GCB did. DH fell a tenth vs. last week to a 2.5 adults 18-49 rating and GCB fell three tenths to a series low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. Noooooo!!!!


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Desperate Housewives Trial Leaning 8-4, Qualified As Deadlock

Nicollette Trial

Apparently the Desperate Housewives trial is 'hopelessly' deadlocked, despite it leaning 8-4 in one of the directions.

We just don't know which.

So the judge has sent the jurors home to think about it all over the weekend to see if they can't come up with a decision on Monday — if not, there will be a mistrial.

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Will There Be A Season 6 Of Jersey Shore?

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It's what everybody some people are dying to know… especially the show's stars.

Sammi Sweetheart and Deena they don't have any idea what is to become Jersey Shore. The duo sat down with Live!'s Kelly Ripa and her guest-random-guest-host of the day,Jerry O'Connell to discuss the future of the show.

When asked if they're getting a sixth season Sammi said:

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Mitt Romney Leads A Sing-A-Long, America Still Likes Obama Better

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Can you say - trying too hard?! Wow!

While at a campaign rally this week in Florida, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney decided to flex his pipes and patriotism for his voters and led his supporters an rousingly awkward performance of American the Beautiful.

More like America the Tone Deaf. What key are you, Romney? And why did you think singing this song would put you in the same vein as Barack Obama? His song choice was cool and relevant. Your's was desperate and off-key!

If you feel like offending your ears today with a little forced campaigning, check out the video (above)!!!


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Posh Spice Is Standing In The Way Of Everyone's Spice Girls Reunion Dreams


How dare you, Mrs. Beckham! For shame!

The talk of Londontown is the rumor that the Spice Girls will be performing at the Summer Olympics, getting back together for the first time in several years. It's not a secret that the world is eager to see the Spice Girls reunite for even more events and the offers have supposedly been pouring in from everywhere for them to perform. In fact, even the Queen of England wants the ladies at her Diamond Jubilee this summer!

But there's just one kink in the chain that could foil all the fun: Victoria Beckham. AKA - Posh Spice.

While she sounds more than fine with the idea of performing at the summer games, she isn't keen on taking on any more performances beyond that, claiming she is too busy for a full on reunion. A source close to the star explains:

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Guess Who Could've Played Miranda On Sex & The City?! Sandra Bernhard!

Oh, how that show would've been soooo different!

Many, many, many moons ago, Sex & The City was just a pilot HBO was pushing around town, desperate to get people attached. While on Howard Stern's radio show this morning, Sandra Bernhard revealed that she was initially offered the role of Miranda back in the day, but turned it down.

Before you go off and judge her, you should hear her out. Apparently, not only was she offered a pittance (okay, a Hollywood pittance), but in her opinion, the script wasn't very good — Sarah Jessica Parker is a pain in the ass!

Check out the video (above) to hear more from Sandra about turning down the part and why she doesn't regret it.

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