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Study Reveals How People Who Lost Weight Successfully Keep It Off

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Keeping Weight off

Attention dieters: There is hope!

Data from National Weight Control Registry shows it's way more possible than most people think to lose weight and keep it off. Just ask the registry's 10,000 participants who lost at least 30 lbs. and haven't found it for a year or longer!

In the most recent study, researchers analyzed about 3,000 men and women who successfully maintained their weight for 10 years after an losing an average of lost 69 pounds. Through a questionnaire, participants revealed the techniques for maintaing the figure they worked so hard as:

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Check Out Janet Jackson's Nutrisystem Commercial!

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Janet Jackson is the new face of Nutrisystem and we think she'll be a pretty good one.

Not only is she lookin' great after using the proven dieting system, but she sounds great giving out advice like this:

"There's a secret for success and it's very simple. You can't wish for what you want, hope for what you want or just dream about what it is that you want. You have to have a plan and then you have to get on it."

That goes for weight loss and any other endeavor you may choose to pursue in your life. Find out why Janet thinks Nutrisystem can help you succeed in your body's struggle to lose weight in the commercial above.

This definitely inspires us to watch what we eat. What about U?

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Mid-Morning Snacking May Sabotage Your Diet

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Snacking curbs dieting efforts

Anyone on a diet, yet still struggling to lose weight, may want to ditch their mid-morning snack.

A new study has found that participants in a 12-month study of overweight or obese women lost less weight if their regularly indulged in snacks between breakfast and lunch, as compared to those that didn't.

In the research

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Deciding If A Gluten-Free Diet Is Right For You

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Gluten free food

The $2.6 billion gluten-free food market is continuing to grow. Not only are more gluten-free products appearing on the grocery store shelves, but even restaurants are beginning to offer entire menus of gluten-free food.

This is great for the 1% of Americans suffering from celiac disease — an autoimmune disorder that interferes with absorption of nutrients — and also beneficial for anyone who has gluten allergies. However, can the rest of the population benefit from a gluten-free diet?

Unfortunately for us

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Motivating Yourself To Finally Start Eating Right

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Ajay motivation

A FitPerez reader wants to get motivated to lose weight before next summer so she wrote diet author and former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester for advice, asking:

Hi Ajay,

I love your piece and I was wondering what tips you have to get motivated going into summer. I need a diet jump start ASAP and just struggling to find the motivations! I don't want to spend another summer hiding!

According to Ajay:

The best advice I can give about diet jumpstarts is begin NOW. Not tomorrow or Monday or the start of the next month, just start right now. Make your next meal a healthy one and just act like a healthy person until you become one.

So many people consume excess calories in "this last pasta", "my last junk food meal EVER" or "my last chocolate bar until I'm skinny." One of the things I learnt when losing my own weight was that there was no "last" of anything…..you can have everything you love, just NOT every day.

Another GREAT motivator is to try on some of your favorite summer clothes (or a bikini) and see how much you have to lose to get into it. Then clip a post it note to that item of clothing of the date you plan to fit into it (be realistic) and keep trying them on week after week. There is nothing so motivating as having to lie on the floor using a coathanger and three friends to do up your jeans (I have definitely been there done that!).

Good luck and for more advice you can get my book Confessions of a Reformed Dieter on audio at any Barnes and Noble bookstore!

Got a question for Ajay? Don't hesitate to send an email to Tips@FitPerez.com or visit her website for more great info!

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Controversial Children's Book Maggie Goes On A Diet Upsets Parents

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Would U read your young children a book about dieting before bed? That's the debate that controversial children's book Maggie Goes On A Diet has sparked!

On one hand, children shouldn't have to worry about dieting and should simply be enjoying their youth. On the other, childhood obesity is on the rise and America is joining together in a movement to stop it.

Paul Kramer, the man behind the book that hasn't even been released yet, defended his book that aims to teach kids a lesson about living a healthy lifestyle, saying:

"My intentions were just to write a story to entice and to have children feel better about themselves, discover a new way of eating, learn to do exercise, try to emulate Maggie and learn from Maggie's experience. Children are pretty smart … and they will make a good choice if you give them that opportunity."

He acknowledges that using the word "diet" in a children's book title was risky, but believes it will help readers identify with Maggie, more so than they would if it was titled "Maggie Eats Healthy".

Others aren't so sure that 6 to 12-year-old kids should be taught to diet at all. Many parents are outraged that this book could encourage young children to look in the mirror instead of inside themselves to be happy.

Experts are weighing in and agreeing the book sends a dangerous message to kids. One contended that it perpetuates the shallow belief that "if you don't look like Cinderella, you're a failure."

We're all about encouraging kids to eat healthy and exercise, but agree that perhaps Mr. Kramer took the wrong angle by suggesting kids diet.

We haven't read the book yet and don't want to judge it by its cover, but it appears to be focusing on the social benefits of a healthy lifestyle instead of the HEALTH benefits with lines like:

"Maggie looked forward to her Saturday morning game. More and more people were beginning to know Maggie by name. Playing soccer gave Maggie popularity and fame."

Check out the video above for details on the debate and decide for yourself!

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Look As Fab As You Feel: Transitional Clothes During Weight Loss

We've all been there.

That murky period between your old weight and your goal weight.

You don't want to buy a ton of clothes, because your size is getting smaller and smaller, but you still don't want to wear baggy clothes either!

So what's a guy or gal to do? Find great transitional clothes!

And thanks to Jeannie Mai, everyone gets an idea on where and how to start!

Watch the video (above) and start looking as fab as you feel!

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