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Madonna's New Single Gets A NEW Release Date!!

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Oh My Gah!

We can't believe we're getting new Madonna music in less than a month!!!

The first single, Give Me All Your Love (Gimme All Your Luvin) is tentatively planned to hit radio and iTunes February 7th.

The final release will be a bit different than the demo that was leaked earlier and is described to have "a lot of bass and beats" and will be "harder."

Ooooooh! We love it when Madge goes all edgy on us!

Are U excited?? We are!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Steve Jobs Biography Sells Almost 400,000 Physical Copies In First Week

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And that's not including digital copies of the book!

It's no surprise that the new Steve Jobs biography made a big splash this week.

The book just came out 6 days ago, but it's already sold 382,851 physical copies, according to BookScan.

Priced at $35, Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is a bonafide success in its first week of sales. It's already the 18th biggest-selling book of the year in the U.S. and in the U.K., it became one of the fastest-selling book of all time selling 37,000 in five days.

And because

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Amazon To Begin Lending Out Kindle E-Books In Libraries

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Whoa, this is cool!

Amazon will begin lending out E-books at more than 11,000 libraries. The books will be available on Kindles or devices with the Kindle app such as Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, as well as in your web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.

It will work like this:

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Do People Still Buy CDs? Let's Ask Beyonce!

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Our initial response to this question was a resounding "no," but we're glad to hear that that isn't the case.

After reviewing the sales figures, it was discovered that over 75% of Beyonce's 4 albums sold this past week were physical CDs, not digital copies. Of the 310,000 copies, 240,000 actual CDs were bough in stores and online.

See! People do still buy them, especially those hardcore fans!!!

Break out those Discmans! They're still goooood! LOLz!

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The Ghost Of Princess Diana Haunts The Cover Of Newsweek

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Something about this just seems kind of wrong.

No doubt that Prince William has had his mother on the brain ever since he asked Kate Middleton to marry him. Losing Princess Diana in 1997 was a hard blow for the world, but so much more so for her young sons, who lost their chance at having her at the most important moments of their lives.

We're sure the thought of his new bride spending quality time with his mother has also crossed Prince William's mind or two and apparently, the same thought has occurred to the editors of Newsweek. Had she survived that fatal crash 14 years ago, Princess Diana would've been turning 50 this coming Friday. So, in covering the milestone, Newsweek digitally superimposed an age-altered version of Di alongside her daughter-in-law for the cover of the mag.

Part of us is intrigued by the way the digital artist seemed to really capture what Diana would look like if she were still with us. A bigger part is truly shocked that their EIC approved something rather distasteful.

What do U think? Cool, creepy or cheap???

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Scientists To Study Shakespeare's Remains For Marijuana

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Anyone who ever read A Midsummer Night’s Dream had to have pondered the amount of pot William Shakespeare smoked.

From fairies to orgies and all that blood, Shakespeare definitely had an overactive imagination.

And now paleontologists are trying to exhume the late wordsmith’s body to prove he had something helping him.

Don’t freak out, lit junkies. No disrespect is intended for the body. Instead of digging him out, they just plan on digitally scanning his bones to look for clues.

How much did he smoke thee, weed? Let us count the ways.

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Video Game Sales Hit Four-Year Low

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The month of May wasn't exactly a month of prosperity for the video game industry, as sales hit a four-year low.

L.A. Noire claimed top rank, as it should (have you SEEN those facial animations??), but experts are pointing fingers at Call of Duty: Black Ops for their digital release of extra multiplayer maps and stealing away money from physical copies!

Don't get us wrong: video games still made a huge load of money. But as compared to last year's sales, there was 14% decline — $866.8 mil down to $743.1 mil.

These numbers don't include digital content, though, only physical purchases:

"[The numbers] represent just the new physical portion of the market for video game hardware, software and accessories and not the growing portion of the industry that is comprised of digital format content distribution."

Depending on how people really feel about buying purely digital content, we're not exactly sure this is huge problem. Especially since companies will be saving on disc and packaging materials and all of that. But, video game stores themselves are probably going to be feeling most of the hurt!

What have U been playing lately??

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