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More Gary Coleman Drama! Friends Begged Ex-Wife Not To Pull The Plug!

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This whole tragedy just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

Gary Coleman's agent, Robert Malcolm, is now claiming that the actor's friends, Todd Bridges, and ex-manager Dion Mial desperately attempted to dissuade his disgusting ex-wife, Shannon Price, from taking him off of life-support!

Malcolm claims:

"Dion and Todd both begged her not to pull the plug."

We don't know about you, but this - and the revelation that Coleman never wanted to be taken off of life support - just make that woman look more and more deplorable and heartless!

What do U think?? Should Gary have been left on life support??

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Gary Coleman's Ex-Manager Doesn't Want A Piece Of His Estate

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An attorney representing Dion Mial announced this morning that his client would no longer be seeking control of Gary Coleman's estate.

Dion was a close friend and manager to Gary and in one of the drafted wills left behind by Gary, Dion was appointed the sole administrator of his estate.

However, a new will has just surfaced, and Dion is no longer looking to be involved in the process. He is relinquishing any claim he has on the estate and is leaving it to Gary's scorned ladies to fight it out.

On Friday, Shannon Price found herself in competition for the administrator position when one of Gary's former girlfriends, Anna Gray, came forward and claimed she was named in the most recent will.

Think you got out of the fire just in time, Dion. Nothing worse than being caught in between two money-grubbing, desperate fame-whores when there is money involved.

BTW, does anyone know exactly how much money is at stake here? Is it really worth all this trouble???

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Shannon Price Files Papers To Take Over Gary Coleman's Estate

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Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price has filed court papers today in Utah to take over Gary Coleman's estate to try and get his former manager Dion Mial out of the way.

Her lawyer filed an ex parte motion to enable her as a special administrator of the estate. Dion is currently in charge according to Coleman's most recent will from 1999.

We hope this doesn't actually happen — we suspect some major foul play with this freakshow Shannon!

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Funeral Home Not Sure What To Do With Gary Coleman's Remains

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What a mess!

As the battle rages on over what exactly were Gary Coleman's final wishes, the funeral home that is housing his remains is asking the courts to finally decide.

Gary's ex-wife Shannon Price and former manager Dion Mial are at a standstill over what to do with his ashes, leaving the mortuary to look after them. Shannon wants to scatter his ashes around some train tracks, because he liked trains. Dion wants to scatter them in Hawaii because Gary had allegedly once asked him to. The mortuary just wants someone to make up their damn minds, so they are seeking a court order to get it done!

Um, we're going with Dion on this one. Hawaii sounds like a nice place to be put to rest. Maybe if everyone would remember that someone has died and stopped dwelling on what kind of money can be made off of his death, than this process would go a lot smoother.

Just saying.

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Ex-Manager Claims Gary Coleman's Death NOT An Accident!

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According to his ex-manager, Dion Mial, he believes that Gary Coleman's death was not an accident.

"I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here," said Mial. "There are criminal intentions relative to Gary’s death."

We're not sure why, but something tells us he is looking to Shannon Price.

“The picture that Shannon took in the hospital is much worse than people can see,” said Mial referencing pictures of Gary at his worst. "There is nothing covert about her behavior and how she has handled this.”


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Gary Coleman's Ex Cleaned Him Out!

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According to the executor of Gary Coleman's estate, Dion Mial, the actor's ex-wife Shannon Price entered the house and took all of his valuables.

Some of the items missing include a 2005 Dodge pick-up, a cargo trailer, computers, telephones, musical instruments, a video game system and furniture.

And now the police are involved!

Officers accompanied a locksmith who changed the locks at Gary's home. Police even caught Shannon's family loading Gary's belongings onto a truck. They convinced Shannon's dad to return the stuff to the house, but Mial is convinced that most of his valuables are already gone.

Mial has banned her from entering the property again and wants Price to return everything she has taken, or face criminal charges.

This is gonna be quite the battle.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Gary Coleman Died With A Large Pension From SAG!

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That could mean big bucks!

Todd Bridges revealed that Gary Coleman had a pension with the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists that could be worth millions!

He admits that he doesn't know the exact amount, but Todd himself will receive $150,000 a year from the age of 55! And Gary made twice as much as him during the 8 years they were on Diff'rent Strokes.

Todd explains where the money will go:

“He may have died with no money but his pension is huge. We have plans with it, charitable plans definitely. Our plans are to make sure it goes to the right places. A lot of his stuff will go toward charities for kids.

“His pension will not go to one person, no way. Dion [Mial, Gary's former manager] is not going to benefit. Dion is one of the ones that sincerely cared about Gary. He will not take advantage of anything to do with Gary’s estate; Dion is not that kind of guy. It will be dealt with the right way in the God way, the respectful way.”

We sure hope so!

Just keep that ca$$$h away from Shannon Price!

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