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Shakira Demands That $100 Million Lawsuit From Ex-Boyfriend BE DISMISSED!

shakria response lawsuit

Well, we didn't expect her to take any of this lightly!

But when it comes to the $100 million lawsuit Shakira is currently facing against her ex-lover, Antonio de la Rua, that claims he was her manager during their 11-year-relationship and that she owes him a significant chunk of her earnings, the Latino pop sensation is biting back…and with some serious VENGEANCE!

In recently-filed legal documents responding to the suit, Shakira asserts that

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Gloria Allred Filed Legal Docs To Dismiss Lawsuit From Okoria Okorocha

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Gloria Allred files to dismiss lawsuit against her

Before Gloria Allred begins to battle John Travolta and Marty Singer in court on behalf of her masseur clients, she's got to clear her own name.

The famed attorney has filed legal documents to dismiss a lawsuit from her clients' former lawyer, Okoria Okorocha, who is suing because he thinks Gloria stole John Doe #2, a.k.a. John "Casey" Truesdale.

She filed the motion on Tuesday and hopes that sworn declarations from herself and the client she allegedly stole will be enough for a judge to dismiss Okorocha's case. A source defending Allred told sources:

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Bruno Mars Undoes Cocaine Arrest

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How does someone "un"do cocaine?

Other than sneezing really hard?

Just get the judge to dismiss your case!

Bruno Mars was arrested in Vegas back in Septerber in 2010.

A bathroom attendant told security a man was doing coke in one of the bathroom stalls at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

That man was Bruno Mars.

He plead guilty but

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Uganda's "Kill The Gays" Bill Still Being Fast-Tracked Through Parliament.

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Such unbelievable injustice. It's almost too much to even process that in this day and age, this sort of hate still exists.

Despite the Ugandan cabinet and its ruling party's lawyer, Adolf Mwesige, successfully dismissing the "kill the gays" bill as it is deemed unnecessary, given other laws in place that criminalize homosexual acts, it appears that the parliament's David Bahati is STILL trying to keep it moving toward passage!


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Halle And Ex Take Legal Steps To End Feud!

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It's official! The war of the words is over…we hope!

Now that Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry have decided to stop tearing each other's throats out in the press over the custody of their daughter, Nahla, it appears that they're taking their truce to courtroom!

The model/baby daddy has reportedly filed a motion to end the case and dismiss his request for spousal support from the actress!

Sources close to the situation have revealed that Berry is currently at the courthouse with her legal team in a closed hearing regarding the matter.

A source explains:

“I think both sides realized how out of hand things had gotten recently. They both love their daughter and want to make sure her well fare comes first. Gabriel and Halle have spoken to each other and have committed to try and make things work, without the courts - Gabe’s decision to drop his case is his way of showing Halle he’s prepared to take a leap of faith and trust her once again.”


Hopefully the rest of this mess can be resolved behind closed doors, and they can maintain whatever truce they've created for the sake of their daughter.

That's what's important.


[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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American Idol Tells Former Contestant To Dismiss Lawsit


We wouldn't mess with the powerhouse that is American Idol, however former contestant Ian Benardo is refusing to dismiss a lawsuit that could cost him millions.

Benardo is suing the Fox reality show, claiming the show "exploited" his sexual orientation. He says that producers asked him to be "outrageous" and to "gay it up" so now he's suing for $300 million, claiming he suffered from emotional injuries and loss of employment opportunities.

Idol lawyers are fighting back though, saying that Benardo signed an agreement that prevents him from suing the show. In the agreement, it states:

"I [Benardo] further understand that my appearance, depiction and/or portrayal in the Program may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing, or of an otherwise unfavorable nature which may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation."

Furthermore, if Benardo continues with the lawsuit and loses, he will be responsible to pay all their legal fees. That alone could be in the millions.

Benardo is refusing to back down though, saying, "I will see them in court. They want me to be quiet about this and I’m not going to back down just because they are a major tv show."

Well, we respect your tenacity, buddy, but honestly, things aren't looking good for you.

[Image via WENN.]

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