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Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Gets Reworked In Ray J's I Hit It First Music Video

Ughhhhhh this may be the tackiest thing we've evvverrrr seen. And that's saying something!

We already knew Ray J's music video for terrible diss track I Hit It First would include images that poke fun at his former sex tape partner Kim Kardashian and her baby's daddy Kanye West

But we didn't realize he throws ALL subtlety out the window!

Ray even includes a reenactment of their sexy times tape (sans actual sex).

We don't want to spoil the surprise — AKA the OVERT references to Kimmy — so just pressss plaaaay already (above), and try not to gag.

Now, Ray insists this song is NOT about the reality star…

Yet he specifically includes a gross smirk at the very end of the video while he watches the Kim look-a-like on the fake F network. Right.

Dude should at least have some BALLZ when publicly trying to humiliate his ex-gf… Or maybe he's scared that IF he actually admits that the song IS about Kim, Kanye will come after him.

Karma, thy name is KANYE! LOLzz!

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Kanye West Gets SLAMMED In Ray J's Video Teaser For Kim Kardashian Diss Track I Hit It First!

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He can deny it for the rest of his life, but if the song itself AND its Kim Kardashian cover art aren't proof enough that Ray J's I Hit It First is directly about his sex tape romp with Kimmy, then let us present to you the TEASER for the tune's music video, which includes an OBVIOUS dig at Kanye West.

Drink it in and try not to choke (above)!


Ok, let's break this down. So in the teaser — which is BARELY 10 seconds long — Ray J chooses to show the part of the video that depicts certain road signs that mirror his lyrics:

"I had her head going north and her ass going south
But now baby chose to go West."

The first 2 signs show Oakland (North) and Los Angeles (South) but WHY does Ray suddenly choose a sign for Chicago for West?! Could it possibly be because

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Kanye West Needs To CHILL About Diss Track! Ray J Maintains It's NOT About Kim Kardashian!

ray j kanye west pissed kim kardashian i hit it first

There is no way in all seven hells that we believe Ray J's creeptastic single I Hit It First is NOT about his sex tape partner Kim Kardashian

But dude is STILL claiming that the track is simply about him and what he's going through, that it's just a song, and that people shouldn't read so much into it.

ESPECIALLY if you are Kim's baby-daddy Kanye West.

When asked about Kanye's alleged reaction to the diss track, Brandy's brobro recently shared:

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Kardashians PISSED About Ray J's Disgusting Diss Track

kardashians pissed after ray j song hit it first

Of course the Kardashian trio are pissed… WE are STILL cringing and it's been days since we listened to the track!

Kim Kardashian's sex tape costar Ray J recently released a truly nasty (in every sense of the word) single called I Hit It First that is SO obviously about his ex-lover…

And unsuprisingly, Kimmy's sisters are NOT impressed.

One alleged insider reveals:

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Kim Kardashian NOT The Subject Of Diss Track I Hit It First, Or So Says Ray J!

kim kardashian ray j diss trak i hit it first


Wait, wait, wait… we are trying to wrap our heads around this one.

Kim Kardashian's sex tape partner Ray J JUST released a song called I Hit It First that many — including ourselves — speculate is about Kimmy…

But according to Ray J, people are reading WAY too much into the track because it's not about Kim at all!

He expressed Monday:

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Ray J's Kim Kardashian Diss Track Leaks! Hear How He Hit It First HERE!

Well, this took no time at all!

Only a day after Ray J debuted his new single, I Hit It First, and its cover art as a thinly-veiled dig against his former girlfriend/sex-tape partner Kim Kardashian and her new man/soon-to-be baby daddy Kanye West, the entire track has leaked in full!

And YEAH. We think it's safe to say that the controversy he's causing is pretty much ALL this song has going for it!

Sure, the chorus is catchy enough, but all in all, we'd say this a pretty by-the-book, if not completely weak effort! Not to mention pretty tasteless, considering he's had since 2007 to try and ca$h in on his relationship with her, yet he waits until she's about to have a child!

But what do U think??

Give the track a listen (above)!

Are U feeling Ray J's digs at Kim?

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Kanye West Demands Pics Of Him Wearing A Skirt Be Removed!


Maybe he should have thought of this before wearing it to globally televised event!

Kanye West has reportedly asked Getty Images to take down pictures of him at the 12-12-12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief.

You know, when he famously wore a leather Givenchy skirt on stage?

We're not exactly sure why, especially since the event was back in December, but many believe it has something to do with

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