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Did Lea Michele Get Charice Axed From Glee?!

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Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised!

Everyone knows that there's only room for one DIVA STAR on set, and her name is Lea Michele!

Many fans were left equal parts confused and disappointed when Charice only appeared briefly as Sunshine Corazon in three episodes of Glee last season, despite being reportedly scheduled for five, and according to a source from the show, this snub was not due to shiteous writing, but because producers were afraid to ruffle a certain someone's feathers!

The insider explains:

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Diva Demands: Justin Timberlake Edition!


Well, this is completely ridiculous reasonable!

After last night's NYC premiere of the movie Friends With Benefits, the comedy's stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were both spotted pAArtying on the rooftop of the Standard hotel, but apparently, being the lead in a movie that looks like it doesn't completely suck just wasn't enough for the former NSync-er!

Sources at the event claim that around 1am, JT decided he was le tired, so he had a hotel security guard remove three female guests from an elevator they were already getting into and claim it was "maintenance issues."

However, once the ladies had exited, the guard then

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Ed Westwick Gets In Another Drunken Brawl!


Here he goes again!

Ed Westwick reportedly caused yet another drunken brawl Sunday night in NYC, after he drank too much tequila and rudely insulted a fan!

According to sources at Zinc Bar on W. Third St., the Gossip Girl actor was knocking back shots when a female fan approached him. He rudely to her to "get out of here," and then decided to unplug the bar's iPod and replace it with his own, even though he forgot to turn any actual music on.

He then went on another tirade against a patron who asked him to leave, and that's when the woman's husband stepped in, took the actor outside, and things got physical!

Although no fists were thrown, the insider claims the two engaged in a shoving match before the issue resolved itself.

Good lord! Chuck Bass is getting a serious 'tude!

Someone needs to get off his high horse and cool it with the drunken meltdowns, and STAT, or his career is going to be more stale than his character's storylines on Gossip Girl once the CW series ends!

[Image via WENN.]

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J. Lo Backed Out Of 2011 Billboard Music Awards Performance!



Despite there being many pretty stellar performances at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez, who was originally scheduled to take the stage, reportedly pulled out only weeks in advance, and sources close to the situation have revealed that it was over her unreasonable diva demands!

According to the insider, who also claims that this isn't the first time she's been a no-show, explains:

"It's not an easy camp to deal with."

Gross! Not cool, gurl!

We would have loved to see you perform!

You're jut getting your music career back on track, don't blow it by being difficult!

Image via WENN.]

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Diva Demands: Britney Spears Edition!

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To be fair, none of these are crazy unreasonable - but still only the best for our beloved Brit Brit!

According to reports, the pop star has a few requirements while she's on the road for her upcoming Femme Fatale tour with Nicki Minaj, all of which that ensure she's in her very best condition for her performances!

Apparently, Miz Spears has banned all junk food, and has also required that all venues can accommodate her humidifiers and miniature gym in an attempt to keep her voice and body in tip top shape!

Smart thinking, gurl! Sounds like you're really making an effort to give this your all!

We're psyched to see you WERK IT on stage!

Best of luck with your preparations!

[Image via WENN.]

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Does Jennifer Aniston Require 20 Feet Of Space Between Her And Everyone Else?!


WTF is this fishy sounding diva behavior?!

An insider close to the production of the flick Wanderlust revealed recently that Jennifer Aniston doesn't want people to come within 20 feet of her in between takes!

They explain:

"It was an unspoken thing that you couldn't get within 20 feet of Jennifer. She surrounded herself with a ring of buffers at all times. She traveled with them from her trailer to the set and back."

Aniston's rep has since denied the report, saying that it was "false" and that "Jennifer had a blast filming Wanderlust."

We certainly hope so, bb.

[Image via WENN.]

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Kate Gosselin In Financial Trouble For Diva Spending!

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We have a hard time believing that anyone with that many kids would be so foolish with her spending, but then again, we are talking about Kate Gosselin!

Sources close to the reality mom have revealed that despite earning a fortune from her show Kate Plus Eight and Dancing With The Stars, she's blown through almost all of it!

They explain:

"Kate lives like she is a movie star. She flies first class and stays at the most expensive hotels and spends money on herself like it's going out of fashion. Remember, this is a woman who once spent $7,000 on a haircut! Kate was hoping to get paid to endorse a bunch of products. She thought she would earn millions by advertising baby carriages, food and cloths, but no one wanted her. The poor thing even thought she would get a deal with Cover Girl after being on 'Dancing With The Stars,' instead they went with Beyonce. Kate is so worried about her finances that she's even thinking about getting a real job."

Good! We think that she should work normally again!

We hate to say it, but girl is probably long overdue for an attitude adjustment! She needs to remember that her first priority is being a mom!


[Image via WENN.]

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