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Kim Kardashian Headed To Trial! Divorce Settlement Talks Fall Through With Kris Humphries!

kim kardashian trail set kris humprhies

Looks like Kim Kardashian's divorce is going to be down and dirty!

This afternoon, Kim arrived in court and sat quietly as the case was called, in hopes that today would end her long time struggle to get a divorce — but Kris Humphries didn't even show up!

Kris won't settle for anything less than an annulment on grounds of fraud. Kim refuses to admit their marriage was a scam!

No wonder they weren't able to reach an agreement! Kris's lawyer Lee Hutton said:

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Kim Kardashian Could Lose Divorce Battle?! Find Out Kris Humphries Secret Plans To Win HERE!

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries divorce court

Some of the scenes in Keeping Up With The Kardashashians are staged?!


Sneaky Kris Humphries' lawyer plans to take down Kim Kardashian in divorce court by getting the preggers starlet to admit under oath that her show recreated scenes particularly to make the basketball player look villainous.

And Kim won't be able to escape into Kanye West's arms for this one!

It was already proved that the scene when Kim tells Kris Jenner that she wants a divorce was staged.

On top of it, one of the many producers and television executives on the witness list, Jay Russell, has already testified that multiple scenes were “scripted, reshot or edited” to make Humphries look like the bad guy.

Uh Oh!

A source close to the estranged exes spilled:

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Judge Judy Is NOT Being Sued For Plates Anymore! Case SETTLES!

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Thank goodness! We think everyone can agree what a RIDICULOUS situation this all was!

As we've reported, Judge Judy was slapped with a $500,000 lawsuit for allegedly conspiring with Randy Douthit, one of her TV show's producers, to buy his ex-wife Patric Jones' super-expensive china and flatware for only $50,000!

Jones has since alleged that she merely wants what she claims to be family heirlooms back, and as of today, it seems as though she got her wish, as the case has settled…and it seems as though everyone got what they wanted!

Well, sort of, anyway!

Despite an

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Kris Humphries Eyes Up Reggie Bush For Kimmy Divorce Battle!

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Divorce Court

Things are about to get REAL messy…! Fightin' dirty!!!

While we recently reported that Kris Humphries wants Kanye West to appear in court for his and Kim Kardashian’s divorce battle, it seems that he’s now digging up ghosts boyfriends of Kimmy’s past!

It sounds like Kris is pulling out all the moves to prove his marriage to Kim was a fraud — so now, he wants to issue a subpoena for Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush!

Supposedly, Humphries’ team has already been gathering info from Reggie, along with other men from Kim’s past AND present!!

A source stated:

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