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The Lohan Wars Rage On! Dina And Michael Battle Over EXPLOSIVE Claims Regarding Their Long History Of Domestic Abuse!


It's no secret that the root of Lindsay Lohan's many problems come from the incredible degree of familial dysfunction in which she was raised, and even now that the troubled, hard-pAArtying starlet is 26 years old, her parents are still engaging in the behavior that has ultimately kept - and continues to keep her - stuck in a dangerous, tragic cycle of self-destruction!

So it should really be no surprise that on the day of their daughter's latest court session - as she's facing misdemeanor assault charges for punching a woman in a NYC nightclub late November - both Dina and Michael Lohan are once again battling it out with each other in the press over who's responsible for ruining the lives of their children the most…and getting into the most horrific details YET about the origins of their contentious, violent relationship!

This time around, it was Deviant Dina who first spoke out, and claimed that LiLo is so screwed up because of the insane amount of abuse she

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Rihanna Makes Her Love For Chris Brown PERMANENT!

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Or at least the ink REPRESENTING her love for him is permanent!

That's right, because posting pictures of themselves together via Twitter wasn't enough of an announcement to the world that Chris Brown and Rihanna were together again in a relationship, the self-proclaimed Whitney Houston of our generation has apparently gone one step further by tattooing her very own Bobby Brown's NAME onto her body!

According to reports, the pop singer paid tribute to the man who beat her senseless a few years ago by getting his nickname, Breezy, etched somewhere on her skin just a few short days ago!

Sources explain:

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It Ain't Nobody's Business That Rihanna Recorded A New Duet With Chris Brown! Listen HERE!

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Well, this certainly reinforces the theme of the album's title Unapologetic!

Rihanna may have recently revealed that she looks to Mariah Carey as one of her biggest musical influences, but in her new track off her aforementioned upcoming release, she is channeling no one but Michael Jackson!

And she's not alone!

Ch-ch-check out Nobody's Business, which features Chris Brown (above)!


As if Birthday Cake didn't allude to what may be going on behind closed doors between these two ENOUGH!

We may not personally agree with nor support any possible reconciliation they might be testing out, but you can't deny that they're musical chemistry isn't ON FIRE!

You guys are doing MJ proud BIG TIME here!

Can't wait to hear what other glorious tunes our RiRi has in store for us! How about U??

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Lindsay SLAMS Dr. Phil! Says He's To Blame For Mother's Mess Of An Interview!



Seems as though Lindsay Lohan FINALLY caught wind of her mother DISASTROUS interview with Dr. Phil!

Over a week after Dina appeared intoxicated and barely lucid during the sit down, her actress daughter took to Twitter to give the talk show host a piece of her mind!

And surprise

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Rihanna And Joan Rivers' Twitter Feud CONTINUES!


We didn't expect her to allow someone else to get the last word in!

And luckily, this time around, she refrained from making careless jokes about a serious subject!

As we reported, Rihanna and Joan Rivers started going tit for tat with each other on Twitter when the Fashion Police host wrote that she wanted to "slap" the pop star in light of her recent comments to Oprah regarding her relationship with former abuser Chris Brown!

Well, after RiRi bit back that Joan was getting up there in the age, she

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Rihanna Responds To Joan River's Domestic Abuse Joke

rihanna joan rivers chris brown domestic abuse joke twitter sad

Oh Joan, we wish you hadn't joked about this.

We understand that a lot of people were upset by Rihanna's response to Oprah's questions about Chris Brown earlier this week. We get that.

We just don't think it should be something to joke about.

Apparently Rihanna doesn't think so too, according to this biting response to the Fashion Police star, who tweeted Rihanna first about her on-air confession. The ladies said:

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Chad Ochocinco's First Abuse Victim Wants To Talk With Evelyn Lozada!

chad ochocinco first abuse victim reaches out to evelyn lozada

We guess that the recent abuse allegations against Chad Ochocinco from his wife, Evelyn Lozada, have brought up some bad memories for the disgraced NFL player's first victim!

If you recall, he was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in 2000 after slapping his college girlfriend, and although he went on to complete a domestic violence batterers' treatment program, his report stated that he "struggled initially with accepting the need to make lifestyle changes as well as minimizing his past behavior."

Well now

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