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Pet Corrector!

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Pet Corrector

Is your dog loud?

Does your dog bark incessantly?

Does your dog steal food, bite furniture, jump up on people, jump on cars, chase cars, chase other dogs or worst of all, NEVER LISTEN TO YOU?!

Here is a new training product that might work for you!

The Pet Corrector is a nozzled container of compressed air that emits a loud “HISS” sound, similar to the sounds a snake, goose or possum would make to scare off predators.

The Pet Corrector has been proven to stop unwanted behaviors in cats and dogs because domesticated pets have an instinctive sensitivity to the sound it creates.

A 50ml container sells for only $9.99 online or at most local pet retailers across the country.

While we can't guarantee this will work for your pet (who can?), if you're canine or feline is giving you trouble, we'd suggest at least giving this a try.

It even comes with a guide to teach U how to use the product to teach your dog how to FINALLY behave!

Check out some reviews for yourself here!

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Study Identifies 9,400-Year-Old Dog

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Bone fragment study reveals 9,400-year-old domesticated dog

A study based on a bone fragment found while analyzing a dried-out sample of human waste has confirmed that the bone not only came from a domesticated dog, but is 9,400-years-old!

University of Maine graduate student Samual Belknap III made the discovery using carbon-dating tests to determine the age of the bone and using DNA analysis to confirm it came from a dog, not a similar species like a coyote or wolf.

The fragment provides the earliest direct evidence that dogs were used besides security and hunting, but were eaten and maybe even bred as a food source.

It's appalling to imagine eating a dog now, but it shows that dogs are not only mans best friend, but our oldest companion as well.

Some experts believe DNA testing may not be the most reliable method to determine whether this bone actually belonged to a dog since they are so genetically similar with wolves, but for now Belknap's theory seems to be accepted.

Pending revisions, the research paper he completed with other researchers will be published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology later this year.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Stinkers The Porcupine: Man's Best Friend

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OMG! We want one!

Stinkers, a 5-year-old porcupine, used to be a house pet, but now lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

He's so friendly and acts just like man's best friend.

We had no idea a porcupine could be domesticated, but love the idea!

Who better to have around the house than an animal that shoots razor sharp quills at intruders?

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