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This Almost-Could-Have-Been Domino's Pizza Ad Might Be The Grossest Thing You'll See For A Long Time

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Listen, we have nothing against S&M — but we DO have things against putting a ball gag in a tongue's tiny mouth.

Domino's has a rep for having pizza that doesn't cost very much, so we can understand why the chain would always be on the lookout for a great ad campaign to make people want this pizza if everyone just sees it as "cheap!"

But an Israeli ad for Domino's Sriracha pizza doesn't really make the pizza all that appeasing with this piece pitched by the McCann Erickson Agency

Here's what the text at the bottom of the ad says:

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Man Makes Love To His Domino’s Pizza & Burns D*ck! But What Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Is The Company’s HIGHlarious Response!

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Man burns his penis on pizza

Sometimes, normal missionary sex isn’t enough for people, like this guy who made sweet love to a pizza.

And got BURNED! No, it wasn’t that the pizza didn’t call him back the next day. His penis was injured from the heat! … Or so he says!

The possible prankster tweeted at Domino’s UK about the incident, and they responded to it in the best, MOST INSANE way possible! Their interaction went a little something like this:

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Domino's Rolls Out A Cheese-Free Vegan Friendly Pizza In Israel!

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cheese 5

If you're a pizza-loving vegan planning a trip to Israel sometime in the near future, then we have some exciting news for you!

Domino's totally has your back!!

That's right! You can now order a

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Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza Crust!

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Listen up all you peeps out there with an actual gluten intolerance:

Domino's Pizza has just unveiled a gluten-free pizza crust!

There's a slight catch, though. They don't recommend it for

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Domino's Pizza Founder Creates Marine-Themed Hamburger Chain

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Marine Burger Joint

This is really interesting!

The chain, created by Domino's Pizza founder (who happens to be a former Marine) Tom Monaghan, offers no drinks and no sides, just burgers.

Not only that, but this happens:

Gyrene is a nickname for a Marine. When you order from Gyrene, men in camouflage outfits ("gyrene joggers") will run from a delivery car toward your door, hand you your burger, call you "Sir" or "Ma'am" as is gender appropriate, salute, and then run back to the car. The menu offers no drinks and no sides. Just burgers and faux Marines, running straight at you.

Sounds like quite the experience!

Though, we're not sure how well it'll work if there aren't any drinks. Who eats a burger without at least a bottle of water??

We'd like to see it in action, though!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Domino’s Introduces The “Smart Slice” To Schools

Filed under: FoodHealth

Domino’s Introduces The “Smart Slice” To Schools

This is pretty awesome!

Domino’s is introducing a new type of pizza called the “Smart Slice” to school districts across the country.

The Smart Slice is a healthier version of Domino’s regular pizza. It’s contains 51% whole-wheat flour, reduced-fat mozzarella, and sauce that contains 35% less sodium than the standard sauce.

While there are some drawbacks to this, tons of kids eat pizza for lunch anyway — offering them a healthier version of it will only help!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Domino’s Branch Offers Breakfast Pizza

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Ugh, gross.

In case you couldn’t get enough of their disgusting cheap pizza at night, now you can order it for breakfast at the Domino’s in Dayton, Ohio (the only 24-hour location in the country).

The breakfast pizza is topped with eggs and cheese and can be topped with bacon, ham, mushrooms, peppers, and more. It costs $7.99.

Sadly, this pizza is selling.

“It’s definitely picked up now that it’s gotten some media,” said store manager Carami Macken . “It’s not super-busy, but it’s definitely making a difference.”

This sounds terrible! Hopefully it doesn’t catch on nationwide!

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