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Don Lemon Explains Jonah Hill Beef On CNN!

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We showed you the beef, now hear from Don Lemon himself as to why he's so pissed off at Jonah Hill!

The CNN anchor appeared on Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien this morning (above) to explain his side of the encounter that sparked a sassy Twitter feud.

Lemon's big complaint was that, "Jonah Hill treated me like the help."

All he wanted to do is tell the actor that he thought he was funny, but all he got in return for his compliment was a quick, wet handshake.

The journalist admits that the initial tweet was just his way of getting it off his chest, then added that he was extra stressed out from sitting in the Cincinnati airport for six hours after missing his flight.

Sure, the actor could have easily been in the same boat and "may have been having a bad day," but that's still no excuse for his rudeness, apparently.

Do U think Don Lemon is making too big a deal of this or was Jonah Hill being a jerk?

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CNN Anchor Don Lemon Ignites Twitter Feud With Jonah Hill After Calling Him 'A Tool'

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Twitter is an amazing social media application for so many reasons; it's an easy way to keep in contact with friends all around the world, news regularly breaks in between the never-ending stream of tweets and, most importantly, the general public gets to watch celebrities FIGHT!

The most random Twitter feud EVER ignited between CNN anchor Don Lemon and Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill after they ran into each other at a hotel on Thursday.

It all started when the openly gay newsman wrote:

That caught Hill's attention and thus began an unstoppable exchange of schoolyard insults

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Openly Gay Megachurch Pastor Talks More About Coming Out Of The Closet!

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As we've reported, Jim Swilley, a Bishop of a Georgia megachurch, came out as a homosexual man to his congregation, in response to the string of suicides in gay youth happening all over the country.

He recently sat down to discuss his decision to come out with CNN's Don Lemon, and opened up about being married to a woman, talking to his children about his sexual preference, and what it actually says in the Scriptures about homosexuality.

Check out the fascinating interview (above)!

We cannot thank this man enough for his incredible bravery.

The sad reality is that there's most likely been an unbelievable backlash from the church, but we hope he can keep in mind what an incredibly powerful and selfless thing he's done for so many confused individuals out there!

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