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Donald Trump Did In Fact Hire Actors To Cheer For Him At Campaign Launch

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We're not surprised Donald Trump has to pay for supporters!

In June 2015, shortly after the businessman announced he was running for office, there were reports that he hired actors to attend his campaign launch. Apparently, casting agency Extra Mile offered people $50 to wear t-shirts and to cheer for The Apprentice star as he revealed he was entering the 2016 presidential race.

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As seen in a now-deleted Instagram post:

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Donald Trump's Visit To The CIA Was Actually A Disaster!

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This is going to be a rough four years…

On Saturday, Donald Trump paid a visit to the CIA in order to smooth things out with the intelligence community. Sadly, it did the exact opposite!

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According to sources, the businessman's "uncomfortable" visit "made relations with the intelligence community worse." YIKES!

To make matters worse, Donald apparently filled the first three rows with supporters in order to make it seem like people actually like him. An insider says around 40 people were invited by Trump, VP Mike Pence, and Representative Mike Pompeo. While CIA officials were sitting in the front, we're told they were NOT cheering for the newly elected President; in fact, many staffers were offended by his tone of voice.

This report contradicts what White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday where he denied there were "Trump or White House folks" in the first few rows. He said:

"There were no Trump or White House folks sitting down. They were all CIA… So, not in rows one-through-anything, from what I'm told."

Considering Spicer lied about Trump's inauguration attendees, we're not surprised he's spewing more garbage. Alternative facts, much??

[Image via WENN.]

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Donald Trump Insists He Lost The Popular Vote Due To MILLIONS Of Illegal Ballots!

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So. Fucking. DELUSIONAL!

On Monday, Donald Trump hosted a reception for House and Senate leaders where some of the attendees included Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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However, instead of talking about issues that could positively affect America's future, the businessman spent a good chunk of time complaining about how he lost the popular vote in the election to Hillary Clinton!

According to sources, Melania Trump's husband blamed his loss due to 3-5 MILLION illegal votes! However, there is no evidence of voter fraud, especially on the scale that Trump is suggesting.

In case you forgot, Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million ballots.

When asked about the meeting, Kevin McCarthy confirmed to press that Donald kept yapping on and on about the election.

"We talked about different electoral college, popular vote going through the different ones… Well, we talked about going back through past elections. Everyone in there goes through elections and stuff so everybody's giving their different histories of different parts."

In the words of Idina Menzel… LET IT GO, dude!

[Image via WENN.]

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Twitter Exposes White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's Weird Feud With Dippin' Dots — Yes, The Ice Cream…

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Everyone in Donald Trump's administration has their hot button issues.

For the president, it's Saturday Night Live and Kristen Stewart; for KellyAnne Conway, it's indisputable facts.

Even Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer has something he's been passionately fighting against: Dippin' Dots, for some reason…

Video: Sean Addresses Trump's Feelings On Women's March In First Press Briefing!

After he blatantly lied about Trump's inauguration turnout, social media sleuths dug far back into the Spicer's Twitter account, presumably to try to find more "alternative facts" — but instead found he REALLY has it out for the so-called "ice cream of the future!"

His disdain for the frozen dessert dated all the way back to 2010, when he wrote on Twitter:

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Drag Queen Courtney Act Interviews Drumpf Supporters At The Inauguration — And They Don't Know Squat!

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Courtney Act interviews Donald Trump supporters.

Courtney Act is doing the Lord's work!!!

The Australian drag queen extraordinaire attended Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington, D.C. Friday, and her video footage is just priceless!

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Peep the porta pottie names covered in white stickers because they spelled out "Don's Johns" — get it? Donald's toilets??? We DIE!

And make sure to get a load of the woman who claims Hillary Clinton should be in prison because of Benghazi, but then cannot answer a follow-up question about what Benghazi even is! These are the brain dead voters that put Colonel Cheeto in office! They don't even know why they hate Hillary! AH-Mazing.

Watch the full clip (below)! Warning: You will laugh, and you will probably cry at the stupidity and ignorance.

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Brace Yourselves — Here Are Donald Trump's First Three Executive Orders!

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Donald Trump signs his first three executive orders.

Here we go, everybody! Hold onto your butts!

Donald Trump signed his first three executive orders Monday, regarding trade, the federal workforce, and abortion funding.

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The actions officially withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP, which was championed by President Obama, implement a hiring freeze on federal workers, and prevent nations receiving foreign aid from promoting abortion as a method of family planning.

The freeze on federal hiring is actually a move to shrink the size of the government, although the 70-year-old was quick to state that it wouldn't affect the size and power of the military. Of course it wouldn't.

Meanwhile, it seems to go directly against his promise to create jobs for American workers.

Moreover, the bloated carrot's withdrawal from the TPP was actually praised by Bernie Sanders, who has otherwise been vocally opposed to many of Trump's actions and policies.

Bernie said:

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'Hollyweed' Artist's Next Piece Is A Big, Golden Fuck You To Donald Trump!

Zach Fernandez and Donald Trump

Zach Fernandez: a lover of weed and a hater of Donald Trump!

The artist, who goes by the handle @jesushands, was immersed into the spotlight after he admitted to altering the famous Hollywood sign to read "Hollyweed" on NYE.

This time, the prankster is taking credit for climbing the #GoldenShowerGate — sorry, Golden Gate — bridge in San Francisco on Saturday night and hanging an anti-Trump 40-foot banner that read, "Impeach" and "You're Fired" (above).


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Eli Graham, Zach's rep, told TMZ his client hopped over a railing and scaled an exterior walkway to fly the banner — which hung over 200 feet above the bay. It has since been removed and the California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

Fernandez was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing after the whole Hollyweed debacle, and he could face a similar charge for this stunt.

He doesn't seem to mind though, as he shared on his social media:

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