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Khloe Kardashian Is On A Bone Marrow Hunt!

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khloe kardashian cancer bone marrow donor help online donations

Khloe Kardashian has NO QUALMS asking for help and using her online power to find it — and we LOVE that she's willing to do that!

Unfortunately, it's not a happy situation: her cousin Cici is currently battling cancer, and needs a bone marrow transplant. So she has asked her fans and followers for help in finding Cici a donor!

Here's what she wrote:

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Egg Freezing Changes The Fertility Game

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When it comes to fertility problems, disappointment can be a large part of trying to find a good egg donor.

Places like New York make finding a good egg donor hard, because the demand is so high.

When looking for fresh eggs, the selection is very limited and pricey.

So more women are turning to frozen eggs!

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Old People Smell… Sweet?

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A new study was released that said people can tell the difference between the smell of an old person and a young person — and apparently old people stink the sweetest!

Researchers asked study participants aged 20-30 to smell a body odor sample from

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Heart Wrenching Story! Mom Wakes Up With A New Heart!

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Oh my.

When Windy Hill began feeling pains in her chest, on and off, for weeks after giving birth to her baby - she knew something was wrong.

The doctors couldn't find anything wrong, though. They thought it was only panic attacks from becoming a mother.

After the doctor left the room that's when the trouble began.

Here's what, Joseph Barry, her husband said:

"The doctor turned to me and said, 'Seems like she's OK. I think it was just a panic attack. He walked out of the room, was gone four or five minutes and I looked over and she had lost all color in her face." She says, 'It's happening again. I'm hurting.

The new mom doesn't remember anything after that. It's probably best that way - because at that moment, a whole portion of her heart died. Doctors suspect Hill's history of high blood pressure caused the left side of her heart to tear, cutting off a huge portion of blood to her heart.

There was no possible way to recover.

After the hospital performed a heart bypass, which didn't work, they told the new mother that she needed a transplant.

The problem was the wait for a heart donor can take years, and so the doctors had no choice but to prepare to ins all a temporary heart pump to keep her alive for the wait for the donor.

As Hill was put to sleep to perform the surgery, a surefire miracle occurred. No other words can describe what happened. It was one hundred percent a miracle.

20 minutes before the doctors placed the heart pump in, the surgeon received a call that would change Hill's life forever.

"We're prepping for surgery, which means in about 20 minutes I would have made a skin incision. My cell phone rings and it's the transplant coordinator. A donor heart was identified. I've been doing this for about 10 years and this is very rare, a first for me. And the timing of it. I could have gotten the call after making the incision, which would have made things much more difficult. I told the fiancé, the good news is we located a heart, but we want to be really sure this heart won't be immediately rejected."

They tested Hill's blood to make sure there wouldn't be any complications from surgery, and amazingly they found the surgery would be successful.

That is incredible, but wait there's more!

Here's how the fiancé describes waiting for his wife to wake up with her new heart:

"I was very excited, holding my breath. You know like when you're a kid at Christmas and couldn't wait to see what was under the tree? It's like that feeling times a thousand. [When I finally told Windy she had a new heart] she just looked at me for a minute. I said 'You hear me?' She looked at me again, her eyes got real big and she was moving her lips. She said, 'No I didn't.' I said, 'Yes you did. 'She looked at me and started crying. They gave me and Gracie a second chance with Windy. Our little girl gets to grow up with her mama. It's a miracle of life."

It truly is such a blessing that this happened, and we wish their family the best.

We cannot believe this and are so very touched.

See, miracles CAN happen.


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Tom Brady Searching For Life Saving Kidney For Former Coach

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Now that's HAWT!

Tom Brady is busy preparing for one of the biggest games of his life, but he's also trying desperately to save a life.

His former football coach and mentor, Tom Martinez, suffered kidney failure and has been searching for a suitable replacement for two years. With no luck finding a match, doctors told him he's only got a few months to live, but he's not backing down and told sources:

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