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Zach Braff Says What's On Everyone's Mind — Calls Out The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis On His Arrogant Behavior!

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zach braff juan pablo galavis the bachelor douche

It's no surprise The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis was widely disliked this past season.

From the moment he opened his mouth to make rude remarks about the gay community, to making fun of the mentally disabled, this guy hasn't had a great track record.

Even former Bachelor contestant, Andi Dorfman, volunteered to eliminate herself from the competition! It's safe to say it's pretty bad when someone who was vying for your attention decides to skip out on the whole thing!

Although the season ended, JP's hater list continues to grow! Next one to be added to the list? Zach Braff!

The former Scrubs actor had some choice words for Juan Pablo, writing on his Twitter:


Leave it to this comedian to basically say what's on everyone's mind!

Chin up, Juan. If you watch your actions and the words you say, maybe, just maybe, people won't dislike you!

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[Image via Cousart/JFXimages/WENN.]

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Zach Braff calls out Juan Pablo Galavis!Zach Braff calls out Juan Pablo Galavis!Zach Braff calls out Juan Pablo Galavis!Zach Braff calls out Juan Pablo Galavis!Zach Braff calls out Juan Pablo Galavis!

Miley Cyrus Commands 12 Mil Followers To 'RAM' Pap 'Douche' Off Road! See Her Scary Tweet HERE!

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miley cyrus paparazzi tweet ram douche license plate

Note to self: Do not get on MileyBird's bad side!!!

The perturbed pop-star apparently had a recent run-in with an unpleasant paparazzo, because now she's doing everything in her power to make his life a living hell!!

Miley Cyrus posted a picture of the dude's car on Twitter — license plate and all — and invited her over 12 million followers "ram" the "douche" off the road!!!!

Yikes!! We wish we were kidding!!!

Between begging for clicks on her We Can't Stop vid, Miley tweeted

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miley cyrus 04 twitterMiley Cyrus 01Miley Cyrus 02Miley Cyrus 03miley cyrus 02 twitter

George Takei Calls William Shatner 'Douchey'!

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Ooh! Phasers set to BURN!

William Shatner was infamously difficult to get along with on the set of Star Trek, but costar George Takei says he was something else entirely- douchey!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out the 'truth' about Captain Kirk!

George promises to reveal even more salacious crumbs like that in his new book Oh Myyy! - out now!

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EXCLUSIVE! Watch Wilson Phillips Talk About Douching

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Why? Because it's REALITY GOLD! LOL!

On the latest episode of Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, we learn why women live longer than men. According to Chynna Phillips, it's their "natural, God-given ability to cleanse internally."

A.k.a. douching!

While the vaginal hygienic routine is gross to some, it's a glorious display of femininity to others — or just Chynna.

As you'll see in the clip (above) from this Sunday's episode on the TV Guide Network, her bandmate's aren't exactly comfortable around the subject.

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EXCLUSIVE! Sneak Peek Clip From The Premiere Of The Bad Girls Club Las Vegas

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LOL! Wherever do they find these girls!

In this EXCLUSIVE clip from the January 23rd season premiere of The Bad Girls Club Las Vegas, the newly gathered batch of classy ladies for this season come across something foreign in their bathroom.

Some call in a "ba-dago." Some call it a douche! But only one person in the house seems to know exactly what a bidet is — and it's purpose.

Such couth in this household!

Check out this HIGHlarious clip (above)!!!!

After that, we can't imagine why you wouldn't tune in for the whole episode!

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Quote Of The Day

QOTD Bradley Cooper PTA

"Being in US WEEKLY does NOT make you famous. Paul Thomas Anderson does not read US and go, 'Hey, I want this douchebag in my next film!"

- Bradley Cooper to ESQUIRE

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Joe Francis Is 90% Sure Blake Lively Leaked Her Own Pics

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Blake Released Her Own

Because when you need input on dirty pictures, you go to the dirtiest guy Joe Francis (Creator of Girls Gone Wild).

And his input is that he's willing to bet the young star released those nudes of herself, probably to give herself a little push so people know who she is before her big role in The Green Lantern, which is just a few weeks away.

Here's what he had to say:

"I would say 90 percent it's an orchestrated attempt or act on her part [to raise her profile]." He points to people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian as people who benefited from a nudie scandal in the long run.

It's not like he's speaking from in-the-know, just flexing his douchey knowledge muscles.

Blake, it'll be kinda shady if he's right. Say it ain't so!

Do U think he's right??

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