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Raising Hell In Front Of The Sextuplets! Inside Story Behind Bryan Masche's Domestic Violence Charges!

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We're getting Gosselin flashbacks! This is so not good!

More information has been released concerning the domestic violence charges brought up against Bryan Masche, father figure of sextuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets. According to the police report, a fight broke out between Bryan and his wife, Jenny Masche, over a disagreement for plans for the weekend. Things got fairly brutal and it all played out right in front of the six kids!

Supposedly, papa Bryan wanted to take the kids on a little trip to Lake Havasu, which is about 200 miles away from their home in Arizona. According to the report, Jenny had other plans for the day and she was afraid to leave her children in her husbands care. She said she was concerned he wouldn't "return with the children." This turned into a very heated verbal exchange and when the police dispatch was alerted, they were advised that Bryan had become "more aggressive" and that there were "firearms in a vehicle" nearby.

Thankfully, the police got there in time before anything physical could go down, but Bryan wasn't pleased having the cops drag him off. The officer on the scene reports that the father of six was "hesitant and refused" to be handcuffed, securing his arms in front of him to prevent the cops from getting to him, all the while screaming and being "belligerent." It wasn't until the officer asked his partner to deploy a Taser that Bryan finally allow himself to be handcuffed, but he continued to yell and back talk once in the squad car.

Ugh! This guy sounds like a real douchey piece of work. Maybe a few weeks in jail with straighten his ass out!

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Kim Is NOT Dating Chris Brown


Rumors have been circulating this morning that Kim Kardashian is now dating Chris Brown.


Kimmy might like her men hawt and athletic, but she doesn’t like them douchey!

Sources were reporting that it started when Brown, who’s friends with Rob Kardashian, asked the younger Kardash to pass along his digits to Kim.

But insiders reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that it’s not true.

Our insiders stated the obvious, that Kim would never date that woman beater! In fact, the newly single Kardashian is focusing her time right now on her career.

That’s the way to do it Kim. And who knows, Mr. Right might come along shortly. Maybe even in a business meeting?

[Image via WENN.]

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Jason Wahler Relapses!

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Thanks for nothing, Dr. Drew! He's still an effing boozey douche!

Jason Wahler was recently released from the care of Celebrity Rehab, but it seems he's fallen off the wagon and into keg of Coors Lite. Sources are reporting that as of last week, people have seen much non-improvement in his behavior. He was seen pAArtying at both Boa and Katsuya, while allegedly looking to one of his former Celebrity Rehab buddies for someplace to live!

However, whoever the fellow loser celeb was, they had the smarts to turn him away. They told sources that Jason's behavior was totally "erratic" and that it was "clear his sobriety is no longer important to him."

Oh boy! When will you learn?! No wait, better question - When will you just go away???

[Image via WENN.]

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John Mayer Becoming A Better Person?

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Could it be? Could Dr. Douche really have turned a new leaf? No Maybe.

Sources close to John Mayer claim that the singer is a changed man, and that after a “bumpy year” he’s planning on “lying low” from women.

Apparently, he’s even abstaining from one-night stands!

"When girls texted him for booty calls, he'd respond ….. Now he ignores them," says the source.

He’s reportedly obsessed with his new Apple product — the iPad, which apparently is his new “late night love.”

Um…bullshit. He gave up women for an iPad? We’ll give him another week before the iPad starts collecting dust and he’s back out there reclaiming the title of biggest douche in the industry!

[Image via Ray Garbo/WENN.]

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Bristol Says Sexy Sarah Is Pumped For DWTS!

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Well, why shouldn't she be? Now she gets to get back on a campaign trial…sort of.

Last night, it was confirmed that Sarah Palin's unwed, hypocritical teenage mother daughter, Bristol Palin, will be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

One could solidly argue that Bristol is filling the controversial spot on the line-up, following in the footsteps of Kate Gosselin from last year. And just like Kate from last year, Bristol is already doing interviews. The #1 question - WHY???

After the announcement was made last night, Bristol explained to sources why she felt the need to do the show. She said:

“I decided to do the show to get out of Alaska for a few weeks, do something fun and positive and have a good time. My mom’s excited for me. She knows this is real family entertainment.”

Oh yes! We can't wait until she insists that a huge screen be erected in the middle of Wasilla so they can show the first episode in the middle of town! Luckily for her, Levi Johnston isn't mayor yet, so she will probably get away with it. And speaking of the douchey father, how does he feel about Bristol's new gig? Bristol says:

“I don’t want to talk about Levi. I’m here to talk about doing something fun and positive.”

Yeah, that love and light attitude isn't going to last very long. Give Levi one week on The Insider and we can guarantee she'll be squawking bitchiness at him in no time!

Bristol will be partnered with two-time champion, Mark Ballas, who says that their rehearsals have started and while Bristol is "nervous," she apparently has a "dancing demon" that he intends to pull out of her.

Why do we feel like Tony Dovolani regrets having said the same thing one short year ago?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Shirtless & Obnoxious

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Oh, Brody Jenner!

How can someone so muscly and built be such a pain in the ass?!

Brody was in Sin City for his birthday last week and decided to enjoy all the simple pleasures Vegas had to offer. He hit up both LAVO and Tao on his trip, but he also fit in some time pool side while turning 27.

We have to hand it to him, his body looks great! Check out those arms!

Now if only his personality would match!

[Image via Denise Truscello.]

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Dr. Douche's Show Is Ending!

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger revealed to Larry King last night that she is ending her radio show after she stupidly used the N-word last week on the air.

She said that her contract is up after this year and she's not looking to renew it.

Dr. Douche went into the dramatics saying she is leaving radio because she wants to "regain my First Amendment rights."

She adds:

”My First Amendment rights have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don’t want to debate — they want to eliminate…. I decided it was time to move on to other venues where I could say my peace and not have to live in fear anymore.”


Good riddance!

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