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Lindsay's Mom Attempting Conservatorship, Claims Estranged Father Michael Lohan


Damn it! A conservatorship, really? Haven't the two of you done enough damage?!

Lindsay Lohan's latest stint in the slammer didn't just reopen the flood gates for scrutiny. It also provided her father Michael Lohan more ammo to keep talking! (Thanks a lot!)

Today's deranged topic is Dina Lohan allegedly seeking a conservatorship over her daughter, similar to what Papa Spears and Brit-Brit have going on. Dina, as well as Lindsay's business manager Lou Taylor, would be given control over LiLo's finances and her over all well being. She's certinaly done a bang up job so far!

Calling Dina out on her devise "plot", Michael is suggesting that his ex-wife is adamant about getting LiLo into a rehab not so she will get better, but in the hopes that she might be able to secure the rights to a conservatorship while LiLo's in there!

And Michael is jealous he didn't think of this first! He explained to sources:

"I never wanted to get control of her finances. I wanted a conservatorship for her so that I could weed out the bad people in her life. The way Dina and Lou want to do it is to get a conservatorship, line up a bunch of projects for Lindsay when she gets out of rehab, make a lot of money off of them so they can control it and make their due."

And exactly what would you do differently, douche bag?! Don't give us that crap about you care, because we know you don't. Your whole spiel is getting so old!

But then again, we IMPLORE the honorable judges of Los Angeles County NOT to give either parental unit control of LiLo's life like this. It would a huge mistake, to say the least!

Just send her to rehab and lets see what happens!

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Demi Will NOT Leave Ashton


Looks like Demi isn't going anywhere! Let's just hope Ashton doesn't take advantage of that, and totally Tiger it up!

Here's what a source close to the couple had to say about Demi's devotion to Ashton:

“She loves him, she just does. And being with Ashton has made her hot again, and relevant. That’s the honest truth. There’s no question about it: She benefits more by being with him.”

But would Ashton leave Demi?

More from the source on Ashton's questionable devotion to Demi:

“He know he has a beauty at home, he’s not going to end that. It’s just the nature of the relationship, and it works for them, even their marriage is being scrutinized and judged by outsiders. They just don’t care, which is why he hasn’t said anything yet.”

In theory, there's something nice about the idea that they're such a strong couple that they ignore negative rumors and accusations about their relationship, but when the proof becomes increasingly legit, it MAY be time to make a statement.

We're getting nervous that you may be walking that douchebag line, Ashton. Tread carefully.

Do U think Demi should have such blind devotion to Ashton?

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Maniston and Mayer Back Together, The Rags Claims


Can't say we didn't see this one coming!

OK! reports that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are officially back together.

We've been focusing on Lindsay Lohan's issues so much…maybe we need to give MANiston some more attention. Can a person be sent to rehab for being a douchebagaholic?

Do U think there's ANY chance John Mayer will shed his douchebag ways this time around?

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The Sweetest Bitch You'll Ever Meet Walks Out Of The Jersey Shore House!

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UGH. We are SO sick of these two and their effing bullshiz!

Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola reportedly walked out of the Jersey Shore house this past Friday night, after she FINALLY found out that her on/off scumbag boyfriend, Ronnie, has been creeping on other ladies during his coke roid raged hard pAArtying!

A source claims:

“She ripped off the mic pack at the house after a monster fight with Ronnie and quit. She feels stupid for believing him and he made a fool of her. The door was left open for Sammi to return whenever she wanted, but she said ‘No way, not happening’ and is home.”

We'd feel sorry for her, but gurl keeps taking him back! We think she's only happy in the relationship if there's drama!

So sad - what an unstable, abusive relationship!

Sammi has since been convinced by producers to continue fighting with Ronnie return to the house, and will resume filming.

UGH. If this is as big a story in season three as it is in the current season, we are going to be OVER this shiz!

What do U think? Are U sick of Sammi and Ronnie's constant drama??

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MELtdown Avoids Giving Deposition!


Is this really shocking? Of course he's going to try and stay away - he knows he is FUCKED!

Sources close to MELtdown Gibson are revealing that the actor is desperately attempting to avoid his deposition until after the El Lay County DA decides whether or not to prosecute the douchebag in his domestic violence investigation!

Apparently, the deposition was scheduled over two weeks ago, but despite this, Mel took off out of the country to go fishing!


What a useless piece of garbage!

We're confident he'll get his, though - it's just a matter of time!


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