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EXCLUSIVE: Tips On Having The Talk With Your Teens

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You've been dreading this conversation since the day they were born.

Having the s-e-x talk with your teen is the last thing you (or your teen) want to do. However, it is one of those things that as parents, you just gotta do!

Perezcious reader Betsy is having some trouble with her talk. She writes

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EXCLUSIVE: How To Deal With Bossy Grandparents

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Obvi your parents did a super job raising you, but there are some things you want to do differently.

Lucky for you Perezitos.com's Dr. Karen has some expert tips for dealing with your parents (or your in-laws) that try to raise YOUR baby THEIR way.

Watch the EXCLUSIVE video (above) for ways to politely say "Don't tell me how to raise my kid!!"

You put tons of thought into how to raise your child, don't let anyone pressure you into doing something different!

Got any more questions? Tweet the Doc at @drkarenstewart!

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EXCLUSIVELY For New Moms: Tips For Getting Back Into The Bedroom With Your Man

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Sometimes it's not easy to feel seksi after having baby!

If you're a new mom that's waited the healthy amount of time to have some "mommy/daddy" time, then Dr. Karen is here with some sexy suggestions to get you back on your feet back!

Watch the EXCLUSIVE video (above) to get a few simple tips from Perezitos.com's health expert that will have you feeling sexy and ready to give your man what he's been waiting for — and we're not talking about a good night's rest ;)

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Porn And Relationships Part Deux

Filed under: Sex


Last month, a FitPerez reader was disgruntled about her boyfriend's obsession with porn.

As always, porn and masturbation are natural and can be a good relief if not done in excess.

Luckily for another reader, The good Dr. Karen is here to help her troubles with her man and porn.

Her question:

I've been with my boyfriend for a little more than 4 years now and he watches porn all the time. He watches while I sleep, by himself, and sometimes I even catch him masturbating… while I'm in the room woken up by him. This bothers me and he never really has much to say about it. Why do you think he does this and is this normal for men?

Dr. Karen's response:

I am sure your boyfriend's behavior has really stirred up a lot of feelings for you and questions what is going on with him. While it is very normal for both sexes to masturbate on a regular basis, any "normal" behavior can become problematic when done in excess. Clearly his behavior is upsetting you so talking to him about it is the first step, but this conversation must be done in a gentle way. I would suggest to pick your battles and approach the issue you think is the most important to you; asking him "why" he is doing this may result in embarrassment for him and could shut down the conversation further. If you are comfortable telling him how it makes you feel to catch him masturbating or are concerned about how much he is watching porn, I would begin there. Men use many different ways to distract themselves from what they are really thinking about-is he worried about heath, finances, future; did he recently experience a change in his life-loss of job, possible depression? Maybe he is using porn to escape from his discomforts. Regardless of the reason, you are upset about and it must be addressed before you can move forward in your relationship

Hope this helps! Thanks Dr. Karen!

Got any more questions? Tweet the Doc at @drkarenstewart or feel free to shoot us an email at Tips@FitPerez.com with "Question For Dr. Karen" in the subject line!

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Porn And Relationships

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Dr. Karen pic

Porn isn't ALWAYS bad for a relationship, we understand that. It just depends on the couple and the relationship.

That said, porn can wedge itself into healthy relationships when both people aren't on board with it. Sometimes it can even cause huge issues if it's borderline or full-blown addiction. One FitPerezcious reader is having this problem with her man.

Her question:

My boyfriend will NOT stop watching Porn EVER! He is hard-wired 24/7. I can strut around in tiny lingerie and he wont bat an eyelid.

Any suggestions on weaning him off it?

Luckily we have our sexpert Dr. Karen" target="_blank">Dr. Karen Stewart to help, and here's her response:

My quick and unprofessional answer to your question is if you are walking around in lingerie and he rather look at porn on a computer, pack your stuff and run! On a serious note, I am sure you care deeply for him but I am curious about you-why are you with a man who rather watch porn than be intimate with you? Do you deserve more than practically begging your boyfriend for attention? I would suggest that you really analyze what you want from this relationship and tell him. If you are concerned that he has an addiction to pornography, it would be suggested that he consult a local mental health professional for help with this addiction.

Hope this helps! Thanks Dr. Karen!

Got any more questions? Tweet the Doc at @drkarenstewart or feel free to shoot us an email at Tips@FitPerez.com with "Question For Dr. Karen" in the subject line!

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How To Rekindle That Interest

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We wish everyone could have a consistent and fulfilling sex life, especially when married. A lot of people do, but unfortunately, some people might lose their way.

One FitPerezcious reader is experiencing this problem, so he's asked our Dr. Karen Stewart about what he should do.

Here's the question:

So my wife…

The issue is that she has stopped wanting to spend time with me and she never wants to have sex! I have tried being good and not wanting it in the hope she gives it to me ! And nothing!

Here's Karen's response:

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with your wife. Ask yourself this: has anything changed in your relationship that would make her withdrawal from you? Are you putting effort into your relationship-asking her about her day, complimenting her, planning dates. etc? I would recommend that you ask her flat out what she is feeling, why she has pulled back from you and how you can rectify this situation. Be open to hearing criticism and allow her to express herself by trying to not become defensive if she says things you may not agree with! If talking to her does not seem to work, you may want to consider attending couples counseling.

So unfortunately, it doesn't sound like there's a magical "cure-all" but we agree that asking your wife is the best move at this point!

Good luck, and thanks Dr. Karen!

Got any more questions? Tweet the Doc at @drkarenstewart or feel free to shoot us an email at Tips@FitPerez.com with "Question For Dr. Karen" in the subject line!

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How To Keep Dating Interesting When You're Older

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Dr. Karen headshot

Sometimes dating is just plain hard, no matter you age. But when you get older, it could perhaps get a little harder — which is why you gotta keep things interesting!

First dates are nerve-wracking no matter the age, and this FitPerez reader wants to know some dating ideas!

Ive just started online dating and I need some dating ideas? Any suggestions? I am over 40 so it needs to be a little bit more mature.

Here's what Dr. Karen had to say:

Congrats on taking that first step in joining an online dating service! Dating is hard at any age, but I have heard many people in the 40's really struggling for fun and unique ideas. I like to suggest more active dates when you are getting to know someone-renting bikes on the beach, attending a museum or gallery opening, attending a sporting event that you both like, going to a unique restaurant, etc. While I do think coffee/drinks dates are fine for a first quick meet up, I like more fun/active dates to really get to know someone. AND…if you are doing an activity, it is less likely that you are going to run out of things to talk about or have award silences! Good luck on your dating journey.

Such good ideas!

Sometimes the easiest idea can be the most rewarding, so just keep it simple — and have FUN!

Thanks, Karen, for the advice!

If U have questions for her, feel free to email them to tips@fitperez.com or tweet them at her @drkarenstewart.

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