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EXCLUSIVE: Is Your Pre-Schooler Gifted?

EXCLUSIVE: Is Your Pre-Schooler Gifted?

Q&A with Dr. Kim Har!

Perezito's educational expert Dr. Kim Har, director of early childhood education at the Aristotle Circle in NYC, was asked:

"How do I know if my child is bright or truly gifted?"

Dr. Kim Har's answer:

"It's difficult to give a one-size-fits-all description, but certain characteristics emerge more frequently in young children who are identified as gifted. Gifted preschoolers often show strong creative or lateral thinking, which means that they problem-solve in novel ways. They are curious by nature and ask questions to understand things beyond the scope of the information they're given."

As for whether children are born gifted or become so from their environment, Dr. Har said that giftedness tends to run in families, but early exposure to rich, educational experiences can certainly make a difference for all children.

She suggests parents,

"Create a language-rich environment with a lot of exchange. Talk to your kids, read to them, ask open-ended questions that encourage them to understand why and how things happen. They will then start to build early reasoning skills."

Thanks for the advice!!

For more information about early childhood learning CLICK HERE!

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How To Keep A Young Child's Attention While Teaching

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How Tutoring A Young Can Child Work

Q&A with Dr. Kim Har!

Dr. Kim is director of childhood education at Aristotle Circle, a national company offering expertise in getting children into the best schools.

She was asked "How can tutors hold a young child’s interest during these sessions?"

Dr. Kim says:

"Aristotle Circle’s tutors do not rely on workbooks during sessions but use a tailored mix of games and toys that are personalized to a child’s interests. Tutoring for 3- to 6-year-olds resembles a one-on-one play date much more than a study session. Our tutors get the best results by interacting with the child in a natural play environment where the child is having fun.”

That makes sense!

You need to trick the kid (kinda) into think it's actually play time.

We bet the one-on-one sessions makes it a lot easier for a tutor to keep a single child's attention than an entire class room.

For more info on tutoring sessions CLICK HERE!
[image via aristotlecircle]

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