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Try Purifying Your Body With Dr. Oz's 48-Hour (Natural) Cleanse!

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Doz oz cleanse

Dr. Oz wants you to cleanse your body, but that doesn't mean drinking only pineapple juice for the next seven days. Instead, he's offering a 48-hour plan consisting of six meals and eight snacks which will naturally optimize your body's ability to breakdown all the toxins you've been consuming throughout your entire life.

According to the Oprah Magazine contributor and healthy lifestyle guru, this short and easy cleanse will not effect both your body and your mind by giving you "a sense of peace."

Want to give it a shot?

Check out food you'll be eating on Day One of the doc's two-day wonder cleanse and WHY you should be eating it…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Dr. Oz Is Making 'House Calls'

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Dr. oz house calls

Can't get enough of Dr. Oz? Now he's making house calls — online, at least.

The celebrity doc has launched a website where people looking to get or give advice to others on a variety of subjects including workplace stress, sleep trouble or weight loss can log on to get personalized videos from Dr. Oz himself!

The medical expert believes "the connection between people" is essential for maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul and said in a statement:

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Dr. Oz Is The First Man To Be Featured On The Cover Of Oprah Magazine

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Dr. Oz Oprah Magazine Cove

Guess that's another benefit of being one of Oprah's BFFs!

Dr. Mehmet Oz is the very FIRST man to be featured on the cover of The Oprah Magazine.

The Big O admits to sources that she adores "America's doctor" and chose him for the cover of the January issue to coincide with the latest edition's theme of "firsts", explaining:

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Dr. Oz's Favorite Healthy Snacks

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Dr. Oz healthy diet

Dr. Oz is one of the best looking 51-year-olds on television and there is a reason for that. He takes care of himself!

Not only does he regularly exercise, but he eats right!

To prove it, the surgeon and talk show host recently shared his favorite foods that he eats (almost) everyday with Shape magazine.

Want to eat like a doctor? Find out what Dr. Oz eats and why he eats it below!

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One Small Gesture Can Spark The Motivation To Lose Weight

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Dr Oz Motivation

Dr. Oz knows what he's talking about, and he's talking about getting motivated to lose weight.

A lot of us find motivation in different places. There isn't just one universal way for everyone to get all ramped up about changing our lives. Sometimes people look at others changing, or some sort of medical issue to start up. The point is, most people are waiting for something to come to us, when we can actually do something very small to get our motivation going that doesn't really rely on waiting around!

Here's what Dr. Oz said:

It’s often said that knowledge leads to motivation, but I also believe that action leads to motivation. If you’re facing your own weight-loss journey, do something small to tell your brain and body that you’re about to embark on something important. Rip out a page from a cookbook with a healthy recipe, lay your running shoes out by the door as a reminder that you’re going to take a walk tonight, or send an email to a friend you can confide in about what you’re planning to do.

It’s not the big action that starts the engine – it’s the small actions that do. And the first one you make can have lasting effects. Some research indicates that those people who make a small gesture that indicates a change in lifestyle are three times more likely to follow through on their weight-loss plan.

Love it. So simple, so perfect.

There really aren't any excuses good enough to hold you back from being healthy, and all the reasons in the world to be.

You can do it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dr. Oz And His Wife Talk About Sex In SHAPE

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Dr. Oz talks about sex with his wife

Dr. Mehmet Oz is not only a successful heart surgeon, author, and daytime television host, he's a VERY successful husband!

The Dr. Oz Show host and his wife, Lisa, have been married for an incredible 26 years.

While they admit they have their fair share of fights, they can't deny that even after over a quarter of a century, their marriage is as strong as ever, saying:

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Whoopi Does Her Name Proud! Farts On Barbara Walters On The View!

And this is why she's pretty much the best person alive!

This morning on The View, Dr. Oz was discussing the benefits of fiber in one's diet, and explained that one of its side effects is gas, which apparently prompted co-host Whoopi Goldberg to proudly admit that she'd be letting them rip all morning!

And she didn't stop there!

Check out the HIGHlarity of the clip (above)!

Ohh boy!

We couldn't hear anything, but from the way Barbara and the other women responded, we imagine the smell of that last one was a force to be reckoned with!

We're obsessed! LOLz!

Here's hoping that this will become a regular occurrence from Miz Goldberg on the show - she can just unleash every time Elisabeth says something that she doesn't like!


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