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Dr. Phil Is A Tyrant On Set & A Bully To Work For?!

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Everyone seems to be hating on Dr. Phil lately and it looks like it might be justified, due to his off-camera antics!

An insider has come forward to say that the doctor terrorizes all who work for him, even comparing him to a fascist dictator.

The source explains

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Lindsay SLAMS Dr. Phil! Says He's To Blame For Mother's Mess Of An Interview!



Seems as though Lindsay Lohan FINALLY caught wind of her mother DISASTROUS interview with Dr. Phil!

Over a week after Dina appeared intoxicated and barely lucid during the sit down, her actress daughter took to Twitter to give the talk show host a piece of her mind!

And surprise

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Dina Lohan Calls Dr. Phil Interview 'Unprofessional,' She Wants To Talk To Dr. Drew!

After an interview like that, we're pretty sure ANYONE would be scrambling to justify what just happened!

Apparently Dina Lohan's course of action, according to a close source, is to call Dr. Phil unprofessional — and to want to try again, with Dr. Drew Pinsky!

The source, Danish celebrity promoter Claus Hjelmbak, said this:

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Sharon Osbourne SLAMS Dina Lohan, Calls Her A 'Criminal' & A 'Teenager'!

Dina Lohan Sharon Osbourne Mom

It seems like Dina Lohan’s Dr. Phil interview that aired yesterday is doing anything BUT clear up her reputation…

By now, we’ve seen the interview, and if you missed it, she was all sorts of disoriented and frazzled during the whole thing!

Not only did Dr. Phil call Mama Lohan out on her parenting, but now the ever outspoken Sharon Osbourne is, too!

On The Talk yesterday, Sharon explained how Dina is your typical case of Regina George’s mom a mom who tries to be their kid’s friend.

Mz. Osbourne — who admitted she was being a “witch” — went on to explain:

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Dina Lohan: Jittery & Disoriented On Dr. Phil!

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Lindsay Lohan may be currently fueling a feud with Amanda Bynes, but it seems like another Lohan has some dramz of her own to deal with!

LiLo's mom, Dina Lohan appeared on the Dr. Phil show today, in what ended up being an EXTREMELY uncomfortable and cringeworthy interview.

Throughout the sitdown, Dr. Phil questioned Dina on her parenting and Mama Lohan kept asking if the cameras were rolling, as she seemed disoriented while she argued with him!

Check out the first part of cray cray interview (above)!!

Dayum… ! Even though Dina claimed she was sober during the interview, the video proof makes that hard to believe!

Things spiral out of control almost instantaneously, with Dina refusing to answer questions and attempts to "sweet talk" Dr. Phil to avoid topics that are just too hard.

Which leads Dr. Phil to question why in the world she's even sitting down with him!

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Lindsay Lohan And Mother Get Drunk Together For Her 50th Birthday! Michael Lohan Calls It "Disgraceful!"

lindsay-lohan-drinks-with-dina-lohan-for-50-birthday-michael-lohan-respondsDina Lohan may be denying that she was intoxicated during her recent interview with Dr. Phil, but we doubt she'll be able to do the same for her recent birthday celebration!

The celebrity mom recently turned 50, and reportedly used the milestone as an excuse to pAArty with her daughter, Lindsay, son, Michael Jr. and nine others at Mio Posto in Long Island Saturday night!

That's right, despite LiLo having gone to rehab five times, Dina is STILL drinking with her!

While the manager of the joint claims the actress stuck to a “double vodka and club soda,” mommy dearest supposedly outdrank her, with the manager observing:

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Lindsay Lohan's Lying Mother Really WAS Super Chocolate Wasted On Dr. Phil, Says Michael Lohan!


Remember that time Dina Lohan SWORE she wasn't drunk on Dr. Phil?!!

It was like fifteen minutes ago — we sincerely hope you didn't forget already, LOLz!!

Well Michael Lohan says his ex-wife is filled to the brim with petrified buffalo feces!

Reporters caught him galavanting around on the Sunset Strip last night and couldn't help but ask about the state of Dina's mind liver during the Dr. Phil interview that will air tomorrow!

Mikey confirmed Dina was beyond wasted and said she was a bad influence on LiLo!

He also suggested Dina's

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