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Brit Brit Talks Femme Fatale And Tour In New Interview!

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We LOVE seeing her so relaxed and happy-looking!

Check out this brand new promotional interview from Miz Britney Spears for her new album, Femme Fatale, in which she discusses her inspiration for the album, working with Dr. Luke and Max Martin, what to expect from her upcoming summer tour, and more (above)!

Listening to her talk about being star-struck by Brad Pitt and her favorite artists on her iPod is where the gurl we all know and love really shines through the most, though!

And she really does seem EXCITED about the tour and the choreography they're coming up with for it, which makes US even more excited, ourselves!

Fingers are crossed that she's going to pull out all the stops for this one!

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Britney's New Single Has Arrived - IN FULL! Listen To Tilll The World Ends HERE!!!!

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It's arrived! Early!!!!!

We were freaking out after listening to the 30 second preview, and, thankfully, the full song does not disappoint!

We love this sooooooo much more than Hold It Against Me!!!!

This is one of the best songs of Britney Spears' career!!!!

Listen to the Max Martin and Dr. Luke-produced Till The World Ends, co-written by Ke$ha (above and below)!!!!

We are playing it on repeat!!!! Non-stop!!!!


Such a huge, undeniable smash!!!

Ear porn!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Britney!!!! We're SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!

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Britney's Songwriter Countersues Bellamy Brothers For "Smear Campaign"

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Team Britney or Team Bellamy Brothers??

Britney Spears' songwriter is firing back at the Bellamy Brothers' claim that her hit song Hold It Against Me is a rip-off of their 1979 song If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?

Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald is countersuing the duo alleging that they launched a "smear campaign" against Britney, claiming that it was "a publicity stunt aimed to increase their record sales … and to combat their dwindling relevance."

Oooh, buuuurn….

He's suing for defamation damages as well as a court order that states that Britney's song has nothing to do with the Bellamy Brothers.

Besides the one lyric, the two songs sound nothing alike. And like we've said before, the line "if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me" was a double entendre said by Groucho Marx so really, who's copying who??

What do U think?? Is Hold It Against Me a rip-off or just a coincidence??

[Image via WENN.]

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And Britney Spears' Rumored Next Single Is…

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…NOT Inside Out or I I I Wanna Go!


Sources are reporting that the second single off of Britney Spears' upcoming album, Femme Fatale, is a track called 'Til The World Ends, which was produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and surprisingly, written by Ke$ha!

Check out a clip of the alleged demo version (above)!

We definitely get a tinge of Ke$ha from the little we can hear, but it's definitely got the Brit Brit vibe that we love!

Here's hoping that the full, mastered version holds up!

What do U think?? Do U want 'Til The World Ends as the next single??

Update: We've confirmed the Kesha song IS Britney's second single, but… this snippet above is NOT the song.

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Brit Brit Still Isn't Done With Femme Fatale!

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Time to get a move on, you guys!

Britney Spears just debuted the cover art for her new album, Femme Fatale, today, but according to Hold It Against Me producer Dr. Luke, he, the singer, songwriter Billboard, and longtime collaborator Max Martin are still unsure about what tracks will make the final cut upon its March 15th release date!

He explains:

"It's not done. We're in the middle of it right now. It's a little bit fluid right now. I can't even say at this stage what songs for sure are making it and what songs aren't. We're working with a lot of producers and overseeing it with her A&R and record label and management and trying to make something cohesive. Britney's really fast. She gets it done."

We certainly hope so! They've set the precedent with Hold It Against Me, and we want A LOT more where that came from!

Dr. Luke also went on to explain that originally, that track was supposed to go to Katy Perry!

He reveals:

"We might have played it for her, but it definitely wasn't a Katy Perry record. We had it for a while. I wanted to make sure it didn't sound like everything else I've done. I brought it into Billboard, and he just killed it. It can be hard in the verse, and the bridge is super, super hard, but the chorus is super-pop. You can play that chorus acoustically on a guitar and it's still going to sound great."

Wow! We can't even begin to imagine how it would have ended up sounding with her creative input!

It would have been an entirely different sound, and ultimately, we're glad it went to our Brit Brit! She really made it her own and used it to expand upon what we're used to hearing from her creatively!

Let's hope that ultimately, whatever songs make it onto Femme Fatale hold true to that direction!


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One Of Britney's Songwriters Talks New Album, Promises…

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new britney spears album will be edgy

Looks like Brit Brit songwriter Claude Kelly is feeling good about her upcoming album.

Here's what he had to say about Britney's new sound:

"It's way more edgy than the last album. [It's] more in the vein of the album before."

Taking some cues from your Blackout sound, Brit Brit? We can appreciate that.

More from Kelly:

"…Dr. Luke and Max Martin are running the show, and it's all about the beats. It has a heavier bass line and it's much harder, more urgent, more club. She's ready again!"

We're totally down for some edgy, bass-infused Britney! Can't wait!

Do U like your Brit Brit edgy? Or are U skeptical?

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Yes!! Deets On Britney's New Album!

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This is gonna be good!!

Finally, some news are coming out about Britney Spears' upcoming album!

It's been confirmed that long-time Britney collaborator Max Martin will be executive producing the album, which as all Britney fans know, will be A-MAZING since he's responsible for classic Brit Brit hits like …Baby, One More Time, Oops…I Did It Again, Lucky, and If U Seek Amy.

Another collaborator/co-executive producer will be Dr. Luke, who helped produce Circus and Shattered Glass, and even better yet is "responsible for 40% of the current top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100."

This album is going to be off the chizzain! Classic Britney sound with a touch of hit-making pop!

We can't wait!!

Unfortunately, we will have to though, as the album isn't scheduled to release until 2011. Whomp whomp.

Are U excited for Britney's album??

[Image via WENN.]

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