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Lawsuit Against The Doctors!! Patient Manipulated Into Having His Peen Operated On In Front Of A Live Audience!!


Well, we think this is probably one of the most mortifying things that you could do to someone.

And the more you read, the worse it gets.

A patient on The Doctors has sued the CBS show claiming that producers bullied and tricked him into undergoing laser surgery for a condition called "pearly penile papules" in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE and then broadcasted the operation without his consent!!

Absolutely horrifying!!

The plaintiff, known as T.B., 21, claims he contacted the show's plastic surgeon, Dr. William Groff, in January of last year after he saw that his practice offered laser treatment for the penile papules condition, which are noncontagious, harmless bumps on your peen.

According to the lawsuit, after making an appointment, Groff's secretary offered Bowling the treatment for free if he agreed to "discuss his condition" on her boss's medical program, which they assured him was only watched by other doctors and medical students.

Within minutes, producer Lauree Dash called him even though he HAD NOT signed a waiver, which would have allowed Groff to share his medical information.

Shady shady!

T.B. then flew to El Lay and met with the plastic surgeon, who apparently was ready to perform the surgery DESPITE going over any risks or even confirming with his patient that he wanted to go through with it. He was then slammed with the news that the procedure would be broadcast nationwide on CBS.

So much for just discussing his condition!!

According to the complaint:

"Based on this newly disclosed information, plaintiff immediately voiced his reservations and second thoughts about appearing. Ms. Dash proceeded to cajole, assuage and persuade plaintiff that appearing was no 'big deal' and that no one would see the episode and that plaintiff's appearance would be anonymous."

YEAH. How about you guys expose YOUR private medical conditions and then have your genitals operated on for everyone to watch??

T.B. reluctantly said yes and Dash then persuaded him to sign a variety of release forms, none of which we imagine he had time to read. Afterward, the producers led him onstage in front of a 200 PERSON STUDIO AUDIENCE!!


The host of the program then read a letter that apparently was signed but NOT written by T.B.:

"Dear Doctors,

I'm so embarrassed to ask you this, but I've had these white pimples on my penis for a long time. I went to my doctor and he told me they were perfectly normal so I should just forget about them … but I'm so embarrassed. Have you ever heard of this? Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? Please help!

T.B., Minneapolis, MN."

Apparently the entire episode has been rebroadcast and posted on youtube, neither of which were under the terms of T.B.'s agreements. He seeks punitive damages for invasion of privacy, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, emotional distress, and misappropriation of his likeness.

HOLY SHIZ. This seriously made us ILL to read.

This is tough because technically, he should have put his foot down and said no, and he DID sign the contracts. But this is just so SKEEZY of the producers, who were clearly taking advantage of an overwhelmed and confused kid.

Everything in that account seemed to happen so quickly, and with people abrasively and relentlessly attempting to convince you to do something, we could understand how he would just go along without thinking it through properly - if only to get the pressure off!!

If this entire complaint IS factual, then we sincerely hope he wins!!

That producer needs to be FIRED. Unacceptable.

So, so disgusting.

What do U think?? Should producers be allowed to manipulate guests on their programming or was the kid at fault for not standing up for himself??

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