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Perez Hilton Dishes To Wendy Williams About GaGa Dramz! Watch HERE!

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Oh you Perezcious readers, you are in for a treat today!

The wonderful Wendy Williams welcomed yours truly to the show today to talk delish celeb durt!

And what Miz Wendy got into was the Lady GaGa dramz. And we opened up about it all from some of what went wrong to if there's ever going to be a chance for a reconciliation!

Want to know what's going on??

Ch-ch-check out the chat (above)!

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville Headed For A Showdown With Kyle Richards!

brandi glanville kyle richards feud on episode bully

We're used to the Real Housewives brawling, but season 4 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has pretty much just started!

But that's not stopping the ladiez from getting into it because Brandi Glanville is going all in against Kyle Richards in the upcoming episode this Monday. If you thought Brandi telling Adrienne Maloof to "Shut the f*ck up" was bad, then we think you're about to have your pants shocked off you!

It looks like neither lady is going to back down in the new episode as Brandi hits Kyle hard for allegedly calling her a bully, while Kyle is fuming over Brandi mentioning the cheating rumors involving her husband, Mauricio Umansky.

The claws are out, Perezcious readers! You don't mess with Kyle's marriage and you most certainly don't mess with Brandi…like, in any way! You just shut the f*ck up!

Ch-ch-check out the dramz about to explode like a bottle of rosè…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Joe Giudice Hit With MORE Legal Trouble! Find Out What Happened HERE!

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joe giudice cited careless driving

Maybe Joe Giudice is just a magnet for legal dramz?? Or maybe he wants to be in jail?!

Whatever it is, the Real Housewives of New Jersey juicy hubby is in trouble again!

Apparently facing 39 charges of fraud and tax evasion isn't enough for Teresa Giudice's lil' meatball lover because he's been cited in ANOTHER legal matter.

We hear he was cited last week for

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Brandi Glanville's P*ssy Talk About Joanna Krupa Has Taylor Armstrong Screaming, 'Shut The F*ck Up!'

real housewives fighting over smelly vagina comment

It's a Real Housewives battle royale!

And in one corner we have Brandi Glanville, who has been dissing Joanna Krupa for allegedly bangin' Yolanda Foster's ex-husband while the two were married. And in the other corner we have Joanna, who now has a tag team partner in Brandi's former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Taylor Armstrong!

After Brandi's appearance on Watch What Happens Live, p*ssygate took over! The loose cannon slammed the boobalicious super model for allegedly having a stinky chucky (you know what we're talking about RHONJ ladies)!

And now, Taylor is clawing her way jumping back into the Housewives dramz with some "shut the f*ck ups" of her own!

When asked about the oh-so public diss about Joanna's oh-so private part, Taylor commented:

"It never surprises me cause Brandi can't keep her f*cking trashy mouth shut. Who talks about another woman's vagina? That's so gross and so classless and it's pretty consistent with how she is…you don't talk about another woman like that. And what business is it of hers who Yolanda's husband was sleeping with? That is so gross to me."

Guess the Housewives shouldn't have been so offended by Brandi's frequent use of the f-word!

That was tame shizz compared to vajayjay talk!

We just can't wait for the p*ssy part of the reunion show because you KNOW Bravo will do a whole segment on it!

[Images via WENN.]

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Justin Bieber Is Claiming His Argentina Flag Diss Was Just One Big, Unintentional Oopsie!

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justin bieber flag diss misunderstanding

Guys, c'mon, you know Justin Bieber would never do anything disrespectful like pee in a janitor's bucket!

Okay, so he might not have the best track record, but the Biebs is claiming innocence in his Argentina flag wipe across the stage sitch.

Although he was filmed wiping the Argentina flag across the stage at his recent concert - cleaning up all his sweaty goodness - Justin's rep is stating that isn't what went down on the video.

Apparently there is more than meets the eye! And that more is apparently the fact that it wasn't a flag at all! It is now said to have been a t-shirt with the flag printed on it, but the Biebs wasn't aware of that as it was on his stage floor.

Not only that, but he apparently wasn't using it as a mop either! The Biebs' rep claims he was just moving items off the stage as girls had been throwing bras and whatnot.

Like all celebs facing serious dramz, JB took to Twitter to defend himself:

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Alec Baldwin Can't Insult His Stalker, So He Takes It Out On A Photographer Instead!

Oh man, we know you've had an emotional day, but it's never nice to throw around insults!

Alec Baldwin was seen leaving the courthouse where all his stalker dramz went down today and managed to insult one of the paparazzi while taking off in his car!

We understand it hasn't been the best of days for you, Alec, but that's no reason to be rude!!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) and watch the insults fly!!

[Video via SplashNews.]

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Brandi Glanville Sparks Housewives Feud With Joanna Krupa! Accuses Her Of Homewrecking & Having A Smelly WHAT?!

brandi glanville joanna krupa accuses of homewrecking

Smelly feet, perhaps???

Well, if that's what you're thinking then you are far, FAR off!

Brandi Glanville brought out the big guns when she stopped by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last night, and she fired them ALL at Joanna Krupa!

Andy had a feisty Real Housewives brawl on his hands in no time when Brandi confirmed some raunchy rumors about Joanna that came out during the Real Housewives of Miami reunion show in regard to fellow RHOBH cast member Yolanda Foster and her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid.

Yup, it's complicated, Perezcious readers! But leave it to Brandi to explain all the man-stealing, bed-hopping dramz that apparently went down before Yolanda joined the cast! Oh, and Brandi also revealed a not so flattering description she supposedly heard about Joanna's not-so-public body part!

And her comment is totes NSFW so be warned!

Ch-ch-check out everything Brandi had to say…AFTER THE JUMP!!

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