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Kelly Osbourne Has A Sexual, Dad Obsessed Stalker?!


Well, The Fashion Police co-host IS lovely and desirable; she's bound to make someone go a little bonkers with that luminescent glow of hers!!

But this is just weeeeird!

Kelly Osbourne revealed via Twitter today that a 'friend' of one of her ex-lovers is now sending the stylish daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne sexually explicit drawings depicting the sender in compromising positions with Ozzy himself!!

The lavender-haired lady tweets:

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Courtney Love Confuses Profanity With Art

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Slap some 'shocking' swear words on a wedding dress and you've instantly got yourself some art, right?

Courtney Love debuted her first ever 'art' collection - And She's Not Even Pretty - Wednesday night at the Fred Torres Gallery in NYC.

The exhibit consisted of pastel and pencil scribblings featuring Courtney Love/blonde women in various

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Courtney Love Plays With Pastels!

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Surprise! Courtney Love is opening her first ever art exhibit in NYC!

Yeah, we didn’t know she could draw either…

The tempestuous personality has constructed a collection of 45 drawings using colored pencil, watercolor and pastel, titled: And She’s Not Even Pretty.

Named as an

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