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Kathie Lee Gifford Drops A Puppy On Live TV!

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While on the Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda were visiting with a bunch of cute puppies!

DoSomething.org has a Pics for Pets campaign where it simply asks people to take good pictures of shelter animals!

Apparently bad pictures are one of the main reasons for pets not being adopted.

Lucky for her, Kathie Lee got to hold one of the cute puppies!

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Audiences Are Still Under The Possession! Tops The Box Office Second Week In A Row!


However, that's not saying too much!

It was ROUGH out at the movie theaters this weekend!

And although there's normally a pretty big drop in the numbers as summer transitions into autumn, the only film with any real kick was once again the horror flick The Possession, which spent its second weekend in the number one spot with $9.5 million!

Not so much luck for Shia LaBeouf's Lawless-ness nor Bradley Cooper's Words, which came in at two and three with a significantly less $6 and $5 million, respectively!

In fact, according to reports, movie business was down 20% from the same time last year!


But hey! Look on the bright side, guys!

At least you're not Oogieloves! Ha!

Ch-ch-check out the full weekend box officeAFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Amazing Dad Builds A Backyard Roller Coaster For His Daughter!!!

Can you say Daddy's little girl?

A father built his daughter a working roller coaster in his backyard using pvc pipe, treated lumber, and concrete.

So kray!

It even has a 12 foot drop!

As long as its safe, we're game.

It IS safe, right?

Ch-ch-check out the clip (above) !!

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Bam Margera Has A Hernia After 100 Foot Kayaking Cliff Dive!

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Bam Margera kayak drop


Bam Margera landed himself in the hospital after painfully landing a 100 foot kayaking cliff dive last Thursday.

Along with a sick pic of the stunt (above), the Jackass star tweeted:

"Just did a 100ft tandem kayak jump with pro kayaker Steve Fisher in Oregon!"

Unfortunately, his accomplishment inadvertently caused a relatively serious injury and he had to go to the hospital for a hernia operation. Not the best way to end the day, but at least it wasn't worse and he was in good spirits.

Check out a pic of Bam letting us know he's okay … AFTER THE JUMP!

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Poll: Majority Of GOP Want Paul And Gingrich To Call It Quits

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Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are the definitions of clingers. They stay too long and they don’t know when to let go.

A CNN Poll indicates that

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Nick Jonas Sees Drop In Broadway Sales After He Starts His Run In How To Succeed!

nick jonas how to succeed sales

Aww!!! Poor Nick Nick!!

So U should know by now that Nick Jonas took Darren Criss' place in the Broadway show How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

We mean, we've been talking about it for, like, ever.

But since he's been starring in it, sales have dropped

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This iPad Takes Quite The Fall!!

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This iPad has seen a lot more than other iPads, that's for sure.

The view is beautiful as the piece of tech is floating up to a point where it can see the curvature of the Earth… and then the balloon pops. The stability of the iPad's case is then quickly tested.

The only issues we have with this are: there's that large thing underneath the case keeping, we assume, the iPad oriented in that direction. That would absorb some impact.

Also, what if we drop the iPad on it's face, which isn't covered by the case?

Either way, kinda cool! Check it out above!

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