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Jeff Conoway's Cause Of Death Revealed.

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Jeff Conoways Cause Of Death Revealed.

So tragic. His body was just too forgone.

Five months after Jeff Conaway's passing, the L.A. County Coroner has revealed that the 60 year old actor's death was an accident, and the result of a variety of conditions, including:

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X Factor: Did Katie Waissel Push Her Ex-Fiancee To Attempt Suicide??

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And the controversy keeps following this one!

New reports have emerged that X Factor's Katie Waissel was so awful to her former fiancee that he attempted suicide!

32-year-old Gareth Russell claims that he got together with her in 2006, and was instrumental securing her first break as a supporting act for Andy Abraham, but the opportunity went to her head, which affected her attitude and how she treated him!

As a result, Russell endured constant bullying from the contestant while the two were together, and explains:

"She'd call me overweight, fat slob, a fat bastard, a waste of space. She'd complain that I was 'too Northern' and dressed like 'Northern riff-raff.' this went on pretty much every day. People will think I'm an idiot for putting up with it. But she just pickled my head. She was like a little devil child."

He even claims that she would ridicule him when he watched The X Factor!

He continues:

"She always slated it. She'd say 'Why are you watching this rubbish? They're all wasters.' She called them 'a joke'. And she'd say the judges didn't know what they were talking about."

In April 2007, Russell overdosed on pills, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Luckily, he survived, although Waissel was with him during his recovery, they broke up two days later after a huge argument.

In light of these new reports, a spokesperson for The X Factor released the following statement:

"Katie had a relationship with Gareth that ended some time ago. She was supportive as possible during his difficult time."

Just awful.

But we certainly think there is more than this side to the story.

Obviously, we sympathize with what he endured, but Russell is a grown man, and even if Katie treated him as poorly as he claims, we hope he takes accountability for his own actions in the relationship. Nobody forced him to stay with her as long as he did and certainly nobody forced him to attempt to take his own life.

But abusive relationships, even if they're verbal, can be tricky and difficult to get out of in their own right, so who knows what really went on?

We're just thankful that nobody was seriously hurt and that these two are not together anymore!

What do U think?? Should Katie be held accountable for what happened to her former fiancee?

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Corey Feldman Explains Details Of Corey Haim's Death

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Check out the video (above) to see Corey Feldman talk more about Corey Haim's death, while promoting his new film Lost Boys: The Thirst.

Feldman makes a point to clear the air, and assure people that Corey Haim died from an enlarged heart & pneumonia…NOT a drug overdose.

Did U think Corey Haim had died from a drug overdose?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Brother Died From Drug Overdose, According To Police Sources

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This is just so, so sad.

New details have emerged regarding the death of Dan Gordon-Levitt, the older brother of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and it appears that his passing was the result of a drug overdose.

Sources with the authorities have confirmed that his body was discovered at a Hollywood apartment early Monday morning, and that the results of the autopsy are currently being deferred until the toxicology report comes in.

We can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be for his family and friends. Our sincerest condolences go out to them.

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Greg Giraldo OD'ed! Doctors Say NOT A Suicide Attempt

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Poor thing!

Yesterday, comedian Greg Giraldo, best known for his spots on the Comedy Central roasts, was rushed to hospital in New Brunswick, NJ after he was found by a friend unconscious and overdosed on prescription pills.

The hospital says that Greg is in critical but stable condition and that they're not classifying this as a suicide.

Happens more often than we realize.

Here's hoping Greg recovers soon!

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Anna Nicole Smith, The Opera - Coming Soon!

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Anna Nicole Smith’s life is skipping right past TV movie and heading straight for the opera!

BBC 4 will be airing Anna Nicole - The Opera, which tells the story of her rise to fame and how she married a billionaire 60 years older than her, and then died of a drug overdose at 39 years old.

Recently, we had heard that Anna Nicole's life would be getting the musical treatment, but who knew it would become a full-fledged opera?

We wonder if they’ll incorporate current Anna Nicole-related news into the opera. At the moment, the man who was her boyfriend and two men who were her doctors are being charged with keeping her in a perpetually heavily drugged state.

Mark Anthony Turnage, an Olivier award-winning composer, is developing the opera. This is good news, because it’s important for the man behind an Anna Nicole opera to have an impressive pedigree. We wouldn’t want it to be mishandled.

What will be next after the opera? A Feature film? A National Anna Nicole holiday? Guess we’ll have to see how the opera goes first. We have a very morbid curiosity about this project…we’ll be keeping an eye and an ear out.

Do U think Anna Nicole’s life deserves the opera treatment?

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