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James "Jimmy Henchman" ADMITS To Part In 1994 Tupac Shooting!

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james jimmy henchman rosemand admits to 1994 tupac shooting

Wow! We guess that inmate was telling the truth the entire time!

Back in June of last year, Dexter Isaac admitted to the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur on behalf of his associate James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, and now, the talent manager - who was found guilty of opeating a drug ring and was indicted for murder last week - has admitted his part in the Quad Studios shooting that led to the famed rapper's ultimately fatal feud with The Notorious B.I.G.!

According to sources, Rosemond was interogatted in nine

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Whoa! Cocaine Ring Run Out Of Chicago Pizza Joints & Delivery Vans!

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Crazy! Imagine, you get your medium pepperoni and instead of grated cheese on top, its cocaine!!!

Nineteen people in Chicago have been arrested in connection with a cocaine ring that operated out of pizza restaurants.

Like roaming crack dens, the pizza delivery vehicles were used to distribute drugs to clients in Waukegan and Grayslake, suburbs of the Windy City. The police have been aware of the situation for awhile, but have been waiting for the opportune moment to strike. This week, they made their movie and found five pounds of cocaine, and other drugs including Vicodin and Ecstasy in the vehicles. Total street value: $160,000.

Damn! That's quite a haul…one they'll never get their hands on! Whomp, whomp!

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Big Brother Winner Going To Jail For Four Years

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Adam Jasinski, who won Big Brother and used his $500,000 prize to fund a prescription drug ring, has pled guilty to those charges - as well as failure to file a tax return in 2008 - and has been sentenced to four years in federal prison.

Such a ridiculous waste of a prize, when it could have gone to someone who needed it.

This guy deserves everything he's getting.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Big Brother Pleads Guilty To Drug Conspiracy, Faces 20 Years In Jail!

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Good. This is probably the smartest thing he's done yet.

Big Brother 9 contestant Matthew McDonald, who was arrested last April for participating in a Oxycodone drug ring, which was founded by co-star - and season's winner - Adam Jasinski, has pled guilty to conspiring to distribute the drug.

He's scheduled to be

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Brooklyn Doctor And Stripper-Turned-Med-Student Girlfriend Busted For Prescription Drug Ring

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In Park Slope, Brooklyn, Pauline Wiltshire allegedly sold thousands of of Adderall pills to neighbors and online customers.

And she got the drugs from her boyfriend, Dr. Michael H. Gabriel, who was doing his anesthesiology residency at Methodist Hospital. But on his off time, he went to Atlantic City and was quite the gambler.

Turns out he was paying off his debt by having Wiltshire sell the drugs on Craigslist and PayPal!

Many other residents at the hospital were part of the ring and one of the members is now helping investigators.

On September 8th, which was before the indictment was announced, Gabriel pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute Adderall and has been living in Ohio.

And Wiltshire's lawyer sister, Sarah Wiltshire Larkin, was even involved in this mess! An undercover DEA agent sent $200 via PayPal to an account Wiltshire allegedly used under a fake name. Several emails later, Wiltshire indicated that "her sister" would send the pills.

A package was confiscated by authorities that contained 11 Adderall tablets. It was mailed from a post office in Knoxville, Tennessee, not far from the office where Sarah works, but she has not been charged.

The ring allegedly operated between May 2008 and April 2010. Over 11,000 Adderalls were sold and most of them from prescriptions in Pauline Wiltshire's name.

Pauline, who was once an exotic dancer and recently a student at Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts, was arrested in Atlanta on Christmas Day and charged with using medical contacts to illegally sell the prescription drug.

She was released on bail and put under house arrest with her family in Ohio.


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Facebook Being Used To Smuggle Drugs?!

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Wow. This is really serious.

Most would agree that Facebook, at its best, is a networking resource, and at its worst, a way to successfully waste time, but now it appears that international drug rings are using it as a way to communicate with their couriers during smuggling operations!

Luvman Allison has been indicted by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn after he allegedly used Facebook to arrange the delivery of more than kilo of heroin through JFK Airport!

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent James Holt revealed that Allison "explicitly discussed the methods he uses to covertly transport narcotics."

Meanwhile, officials in Malaysia have claimed that the social-networking site is also being used by international drug syndicates to recruit women as drug mules!

Just awful!

We sincerely hope that precautions can be put into place to ensure that this sort of thing stops, and immediately!


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More Legal Trouble For Douchebag Big Brother Contestant

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WTF is wrong with these reality TV fucktards?!

Reality moron Matthew McDonald - who was arrested for the second time last week for separate domestic abuse and witness intimidation charges - has been indicted in a Massachusetts federal court for allegedly participating in an oxycodone distribution ring!

Holy shiz! This guy is seriously out of control!

To make matters even more bizarre and effed up, the asshat who funded the operation was Adam Jasinski, whom Matthew met during their time together in the Big Brother house! Jasinski was the winner, and used his $500,000 prize to start the ring.

So seriously effed.

These two fuckers deserve whatever they've got coming.

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