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"I'm not dating right now. I don't really care to. Obviously, I've learned that I rush into things when I fall in love and get excited. So maybe I should chill out for a little bit."

- Kim Kardashian, on dating, to Extra

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Dr. Drew Knew That Michael Lohan Would End Up Back In Jail.

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Yeah. Sorry to break it to you, Dr. Drew, but you and everyone else in the world knew this was coming eventually!

The TV personality and creator of Celebrity Rehab apparently predicted that Dad of the Millennium Michael Lohan would be back in jail sooner rather than later after he checked out of treatment, and we think that he must be a regular Nostradamus, because lo and behold, it happened!

Ch-ch-check out his message to Lindsay's ex-father (above)!

Yeah. Sorry. We're not licensed to practice medicine, but it doesn't take someone who is to know of what this man is capable!

We will disagree on one point, however!

He doesn't need to "get back in the game and do it!" He needs to be locked up, and banned from speaking to any sort of media outlet.

Enough is enough! Hasn't he done enough damage?!

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Study Reveals Hungover Surgeons Don't Perform The Best Surgery

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Hungover surgeons

We appreciate the warning, but, uh…duh? Ha!

A study from Yale University suggests that surgeons are more error prone and less efficient following a night of drinking than at other times.

Researchers invited 8 expert surgeons to a dinner party than asked them to drink until they felt blackout drunk intoxicated.

The next day, the surgeons performed a series of open heart surgeries simulated operations via a game of Operation virtual reality program.

Although it may work for most men, alcohol did not give the docs liquid courage on the operating table.

As late as 1 p.m., the surgeons made more errors during the procedure than they did while performing the same operation on the previous day, before drinking.

Even worse, the surgeons didn't even have any detectable BAC level, so we'd just like to ask any surgeons to refrain from drinking the night before! K, thanks!

[Image via AP Images.]

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A Little Late, BB! Lo Denies The Hills Is Fake!

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Oh, for goodness sake, girl, the jig is up!

After The Hills finale finally let all three people who still thought that it was real in on the revelation that everything is, in fact, staged, the show's actress Lo Bosworth decided to try and keep stirring the pot by writing this little piece of art on her blog!

She says:

TWIST! Tuesday night, viewers said in disappointed shock, "OMG was ‘The Hills' really fake all this time?" I mean, that's what you guys have been saying forever, right? Ha ha. Don't worry. It wasn't fake. I have never shot any ‘Hills' scenes on a stage of any kind.

Rest assured, we were simply poking fun in the way that our viewers have done since the show began to air. Our show's undeniable production value sometimes made the validity of it all questionable, but in truth (and this really is the truth), the relationships with those on the show are real.

Lauren, Kristin, and I have known each other since we were all under 5ft tall. No conspiracy there. As for the others-we met them all when moving to L.A. Sure, some relationships were pushed by producers, but once pushed, blossomed into real life friendship (or hatred, take your pick).

So, lovely reader and watcher of ‘The Hills'-it was just a big joke's on you, without it really, truly being one. Just messin' with you guys a little. In the end, we're all in the same boat, right?

Yeah - nice try! This isn't Lost, princess, there's no room for discussion and interpretation on what the ending really meant.

Or maybe she really just is so thick-headed that she didn't realize that being fed dialogue and staged in scenes means 'scripted!'


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