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Man Takes Over Woman's Facebook, Demands Nude Pics As Ransom

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So dumb!

A man hacked into a woman's Facebook and Gmail and seized her accounts, then began anonymously emailing her, "demanding nude pictures of herself to get back control of her accounts."



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Shark Vs. Kayak Fishermen

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Why. Would. You. Do. That?


If we were bobbing in a little piece of plastic in the middle of the ocean you can bet we wouldn't try to literally lure a shark closer.

Watch this video to see how it worked out for this guy after he struggled to catch a shark and fell into the water!

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Crazy Cabby Made Seeing-Eye Dog Ride In The Trunk

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Crazy Cabby Put Blind Woman's Service Dog In The Trunk

What. A. Dumbass.

A Colorado cab driver has been suspended from his job after forcing a blind woman to stow her seeing-eye dog in the trunk because of his pet allergies.

Denver resident Judie Brown was confused when the cabbie told her that the dog had to ride "in the back" of the cab because of he was allergic. When she asked, "Where in the back?" the driver responded "In the trunk."

Late for an appointment, Brown reluctantly agreed.

The black lab, Alberto, who has been Brown's service dog for four years, whined during the entire ride in the trunk.

"It was terribly wrong," Brown said of the situation, and the law is on her side: Colorado state law protects service dogs and their owners, allowing them to ride together in taxis and public transport.

That cabby deserves to ride around in a trunk for a while. Maybe even for a long while.

Photo: ABC News

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OMG! 300 lb Ape Wrecks Neighborhood

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Oh Sh*t!

This is EXACTLY like Godzilla (only the city and the animal are ten times smaller)!!!

Some genius thought owning a 300 lb chimpanzee and keeping him out back with a rope tied around his waist was a asume idea.

And we're glad he did.

BTW: The guy taping the whole scene is HIGHlarious!

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The Timberpussy Claims He Is Selective About Movie Roles!


Oh, this is just an effing gem!

The Timberpussy recently revealed that he's extremely selective about the film roles that he takes!

Because, you know, he's a serious actor now.

He explains:

"I've always admired the art of acting, and it's no secret that I was trained as a very young kid on a television show [The Mickey Mouse Club] with other extremely talented actors and singers. On top of that, I'm also extremely aware of the perception of me as an artist. I think that's why I made the choices that I made for myself. That's why I chose the smaller films that I've done. I thought that I'd rather have the experience of the process from people who are really respected and admired, and characters that I can really dive into, rather than cash in, so to speak. I'm not really interested in that."

All we have to say about that is: Yogi Bear.

YOGI BEAR, Justin!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

[Image via WENN.]

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Rapper Pall Wall Apologizes To Fans For Microphone Beating Incident.


Yesterday we reported that Paul Wall flipped his shiz during the Low Low Car Show on Sunday and beat a fan with his microphone for flipping him off!

Apparently, he now feels bad about being a psychopath, and has issued an apology. Of course, not to guy he beat, but to all of the other audience members!


He says:

"I want to sincerely apologize to my San Antonio fans … for allowing myself to become distracted during my recent performance. I apologize for temporarily taking my eyes off that goal. I will learn and grow from this incident and be a better person, artist and performer as a result."

We hope the guy he beat isn't taking the snub - or the attack, for that matter - personally! Wall is obviously just angry at himself for being a has-been and an all-around psychopath, and projecting his self-loathing onto others!


[Image via WENN.]

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The Bling Ring Twit Thinks That She's An Author! Alexis Neiers To "Write" Book

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Oh, we're sure this will just be a captivating read!

Pretty Stoopid Wild star and Bling Ring jailbird Alexis Neiers is reportedly set to write a book loosely based on her moronic life!

The 18 year old, whom we're shocked to believe can even spell her own name, is shopping around a story that would be "Gossip Girl goes to Hollywood" and focus on "Hollywood's most infamous party girls."

We're sorry. Come again?

A z-list reality star who's most famous for breaking into the homes of legitimate celebrities thinks she can write a book as though she's somehow included in that group?

We wouldn't even use the pages of that mess as toilet paper!

Her idiocy is probably contagious!


[Image via WENN.]

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