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Aww… Taylor Swift Dumped Again!?!

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taylor swift eddie redmayne dating love dumped

We're always so sad to hear about this!!

Taylor Swift has been dumped again according to reports and gossip around town!!

Apparently she and Eddie Redmayne were beginning to really hit it off when they were both up for roles in Les Miserables!

(Eddie played the naive director's assistant in My Week With Marilyn.)

According to one source:

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Duffy Dumps Rugby Boyfriend

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Duffy dumps boyfriend

Looks like Duffy wasn't ready to settle down after all!

The UK singer was rumored to be giving up music last spring in favor of starting a family with her rugby star boyfriend, Mike Phillips, but it appears they've called it quits! A friend told sources:

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Why The Hell Did Francis Boulle "Dump" Emma Watson?


She's gorgeous. She's educated. She's freakin' Hermione Granger!!!

Where's Ron Weasley? He needs to kick this guy's ass!

Ok, settling down…

If you're not a Brit, you might not know Francis Boulle from the hit U.K. series Made In Chelsea, but you might know him as the brief beau of Emma Watson.

Things didn't last long between the pair, which seemed odd as they were two, hot Brits who seemingly had a lot of common. Nevertheless, Francis ended things with the Harry Potter star and no one ever really knew why.

Now we know why - ego.

When asked about why he dumped Emma, Francis explained:

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Daniel Craig's Ex Racked Up $1 Million In Credit Card Charges

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That's a HUGE amount!! What a ballsy move!

When Daniel Craig dumped his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell and began dating Rachel Weisz, Satsuki was apparently so angry that he broke things off with her, that she found an interesting way to get revenge.

She didn't go so crazy as to do something like boil his pet bunny rabbit, but she DID rack up about $1 million in charges on HIS credit cards, which for some reason, she had permission to use.

A source explains what happened:

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Elisabetta "Down In The Dumps" After Clooney Split!

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We don't blame her! She probably had assumed that she had finally secured herself the notorious bachelor!

Elisabetta Canalis is apparently not too pleased to be single after spending two years romantically involved with George Clooney, and according to her mother, Bruna, she "is very down in the dumps."

She continues:

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Kendra Still Has Hef's Back


Good! He's going to need some support right about now!

After Hugh Hefner was dumped by fiance Crystal Harris, his former girl next door, Kendra Wilkinson, says she still cares about her ex and will always have his back no matter what.

Even though Kendra herself has moved on and married and has since become a mother, she still wants to lend her support to her ex. After hearing the news that Crystal left Hugh, Kendra says:

"I'm leaving him alone right now. He needs to time to breathe and grieve. Obviously I feel really bad for him and the situation."

But, she also adds that she was secretly excited when she heard the news. She says:

"But I'm also happy. She was going to get ready in my old room, you know the room that I got ready in for my wedding. So I'm happy that she left it alone."

Meow! Sounds like someone isn't Crystal's biggest fan.

We can see why. Kendra obviously still has a special place in her heart for Hef and we're sure it's hard for her to see him so heartbroken.

We wonder what Holly has to say about this matter?

[Image via WENN.]

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Did John Edwards' Mistress DUMP Him?

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john edwards mistress reportedly dumps him

As we said before, actions have consequences, John.

Last we heard from John Edwards, we learned that he was going to be indicted for "alleged campaign law violations" resulting from his affair cover-up with Rielle Hunter.

Looks like Edwards' downward spiral continues, because he's reportedly been DUMPED by Hunter.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"[She] dumped him…their relationship is pretty much over…there's no repairing it now."

According to the source, the dumping took place mere days before Edwards' indictment.

Ah well. You've got A LOT on your plate anyway, John. We're thinking your focus right now should be preparing for the trial…unless you're gonna go for a plea bargain, that is.

Do U think John Edwards' mistress dumped him? Do U think he deserved it?

[Image via WENN.]

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