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How To Properly Utlize Sets And Reps In The Weight Room

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Dynamics of motion

FitPerez reader Anthony is a little confused about properly utilizing sets and reps in his workout, so he wrote Dynamics of Motion for advice, asking:

Question for you - okay so I am doing weight exercises - but I am confused about sets and reps - if I am doing a fly should I do 12 flys or do I do as many as I can handle before passing out?

According to Dynamics Of Motion:

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Embarrassed About Your Strength??

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Dynamics Screen Cap

Not everyone can lift a bus. Not everyone can even lift a coffee table. But that's no reason to panic!

There are ways to increase your strength without being embarrassed with how little you start out with — and that's exactly what this FitPerezcious reader would like to know:

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Two Dieting Tips For A Happy And Healthy Holiday

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Trying to stick to your diet this holiday season?

We won't lie to you. It's going to be tough to resist seconds (or thirds) at all the dinner parties you'll be attending this weekend — not to mention all of the drinks that will be going around –but you can do it!

To help you stick to your diet, while allowing yourself to celebrate accordingly, Scott from Dynamics of Motion has two tips to follow for a healthy and happy holiday!

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Here's A Great Holiday Stay-Fit Tip!

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Holiday eating: we're all going to do it.

It's pretty much inevitable, but, that's not to say that all that hard work is lost.

Enter Corey, from Dynamics Of Motion — and a tip that'll help you start off the New Year on solid ground, and not 10 pounds heavier!!

Check it out above, and make sure you check out the Dynamics of Motion site for other tips and tricks!!

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How To Work Out On The Cheap In A Small Space!

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Sometimes you just don't have the money or space to get the workouts you want. Especially if you're living in a dorm, or a small apartment.

For those who want to get into shape but can't quite figure out how to go about it with what you've got, you're not alone!

A FitPerezcious reader asked out boys at Dynamics of Motion to help her do just that, in a dorm in England:

I am a student living in a dorm in England - and cant afford to work out. If I wanted to use my jump rope to work out would you suggest trying to do say 3 minutes on and 3 minutes off for 15 minutes, would that be enough every day to whip my butt into shape. I cant run because A. Its freezing and B. My knees!

The response:

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Long Workouts Vs. Short Bursts

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The guys over at Dynamics of Motion have been very kind to us in revealing the secrets of fitness.

Now, they've sent us a video explaining why it might be better to do short burst workouts vs long ones in the case of burning fat.

Basically, it comes down to whether you want to burn calories, or if you want to burn fat (without burning muscle, too!) Check it out above!

Thanks, Dynamics of Motion!

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

Blue 1

In order to eat less and enjoy your food more, NEVER eat in front of the television or computer. If you are distracted when you eat, you will eat faster, you will eat more and you will not even enjoy your food. Try making your meals a little more important and more of an event during the day. You will end up enjoying your food much more and you will eat slower (which also means you will eat less).

- Scott Malin, co-founder of Dynamics of Motion

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