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Hollywood Women Would Be A Lot Happier If They Ate, Says Octavia Spencer!!

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octavia spencer sag awards hollywood women eat weight

According to one very fabulous woman, the women in Hollywood would be a whole lot happier if they just let themselves eat!!

Octavia Spencer, the actress U know from The Help (and from winning at the SAG Awards), has an opinion or two on weight.

Acknowledging her own self-consciousness, she says society is to blame for a woman's sense of worth:

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EXCLUSIVE: Tips For New Mommies To Get Back Into Their Skinny Jeans Part 2!

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Perezitos.com correspondent Amy Malin of True Heart Events is back with some more tips to help moms get back in shape and fit in those skinny jeans again.

Her first tip was for moms to find just 4 minutes out of each day and try the "4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout."

Now, she's back with another fantastic, but easy tip that will have you feeling healthy and seksi again!

Amy says:

Eat before dinner. You're probably thinking why would I eat before I go to a big holiday dinner right? Well, the answer is simple. If you show up hungry and your body is in starvation mode, then you are guaranteed to over eat and pig out. If you have a healthy snack an hour before your holiday dinner, then your tummy won't be empty and you won't eat as much.

That'll come in handy this holiday season!

For some more healthy motherhood tips, follow Amy at @TrueheartEvents

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Fran Drescher's Beauty Tips

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Fran 3

Mya from North Carolina has noticed that FitPerez health contributor Fran Drescher looks AMAZING these days! She not only wants to look as good as Fran, but feel as good too, writing:

Fran, you look better than ever! Any beauty secrets you can share to get us looking and feeling as great as you?

According to Fran:

Awww thanks doll! Here’s a few simple things I do.

I always make sure to remove my makeup at night to avoid any kind of blemishes. I also sleep on my back to avoid getting wrinkles from my pillow and sleep with a humidifier right next to my bed. Also, anything you put on your face whether it’s your wrinkle cream or your SPF, should also be used on your neck and décolletage which can suffer from the same aging effects as your face. Exercise and eat healthy!

For more answers to any health questions on your mind, tweet @frandrescher #askfranforfitperez and help fight cancer by checking out her website www.cancerschmancer.org!

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Helpful Ways To Stay Healthy Without Breaking The Bank

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Eating healthy doesn't always have to mean spending a lot of money.

Here are 11 very helpful tips that will keep you fed and fit without feeling like you've been robbed!

1.) Fresh berries too pricey? Swap 'em out for frozen berries! They cost much less and they're always frozen at their peak so you still get all that nutritious goodness.

2.) Instant oatmeal seems like the most convenient choice, but try picking up quick oats instead. It's more cost-effective and doesn't have all those pesky added sugars and calories.

3.) Vegetable chips seems like a great alternative to yummy, but very salty, very fatty potato chips. But, they can be expensive. Instead, Try homemade kale chips. With less than 50 calories a cup, and something you can make at home, it's just a mere fraction of the cost of store-bought chips.

4.) Fresh seafood such as salmon sounds really good right about now. But your wallet isn't too happy about it, right?? Pick up canned salmon instead. It's got the same omega-3s and is waaaay less expensive. Bonus: it's a perfect way to pack a punch in dull lunch salads.

5.) Don't want to shell out the money for whey protein powder? Go for the cheaper tofu. You can still add it in your smoothies and gives you the same nutrients.

6.) Lärabars are yummers, but they ain't cheap! Just use the ol' reliable yet equally delicious dried fruit option. It's a good cheap way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

7.) Some items may be worth the splurge, such as almond butter and Greek yogurt. Deeelicious and healthy.

8.) Plan your meals on a weekly basis. This helps you to keep track of you're eating and will prevent you from buying unnecessary products when you're at the grocery store.

9.) Look at what you already have! You never know, you may find a delicious can of beans in the pantry or some really good produce that's still fresh. Doesn't hurt!

10.) When planning meals, look at your schedule. This helps to be prepared for when any unscheduled events might pop up.

11.) And lastly, go ahead and buy that bruised produce. Just because it has a few blemishes, doesn't mean it's bad. Besides, it can always be peeled and put in the freezer for delicious smoothies and shakes.

See? It wasn't that bad. Now you have no excuse! Go out there and get healthy!

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