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Bad Eating Habits Might Happen Because Of Location, Not Just Will Power

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Snacking Habits

This is one of the most interesting studies we've heard of when it comes to snacking and bad eating habits: The habits may be more dependent on habitual practices brought on by environment than on your will power alone.

The study went like this.

At a movie, the researchers handed out fresh popcorn to some, and stale popcorn to others. Guess what happened? Because it was a movie theater and the attending people said they "usually eat popcorn at the movies" they ate almost the exact same amount of the stale popcorn as fresh, regardless of the taste!

Then, they tried it in a meeting room. People at much LESS of the stale popcorn because it isn't usually associated with that location.

And the weirdest thing?

In the theater situation,

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Avoiding The 'Freshman 15' At College

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freshman 15

We've all heard of the dreaded "Freshman 15", but college newcomers can take a sigh of relief because studies suggest it's usually closer to a freshman 7.

However, that doesn't mean you won't gain more than 7 pounds if you're not careful.

It's hard to pinpoint just one cause of the unfavorable phenomena, but a decrease in physical activity, a boost in alcohol consumption, and a change in eating habits from healthy foods to those high in sugar and fat probably have something to do with it.

With college just beginning, we're sure there are plenty of freshman already dreading what the scale will read by the end of the semester and we're sure there are just as many thinking "that will never happen to me!"

Bad news is, it can and probably will, but the good news is you can take easy steps prevent it! Continue reading below for tips on avoiding the Freshman 15!

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Jeff Bridges Pledges To End Childhood Hunger

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Jeff Bridges has taken a pledge to end childhood hunger by 2015 and so can you!

Working with the nonprofit Share Our Strength and the Foot Network, the actor is the national spokesman for the No Kid Hungry campaign.

The campaign is a state-by-state push to develop public and private partnerships to aid low-income families, to teach nutrition and healthy eating habits and to improve the effectiveness of existing efforts, like school-based breakfast and lunch plans.

The Academy Award winner has been raising awareness for the issue since he helped created the End Hunger Network in the 80's, but believes the issue resonates with him even more because of his own parenting duties, saying:

"As an actor I'm always putting myself in other people's shoes. I can imagine what it would be like to have three daughters who I wasn't able to provide for. It would just be devastating. And then it's much more than the obvious suffering of the kids, but what it's doing to our nation on so many levels when kids don't have the proper nutrition to get their brains working."

Make sure to check out the charities public service announcement above!

To learn more about the No Kid Hungry campaign or take the pledge like Jeff, click here!

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Poehler Enjoys A Walk In The Park With Baby

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Amy Poehler and Abel Arnett take a walk in the park in Beverly Hills


Amy Poehler and son Abel Arnett take a walk in the park in Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday.

The little blonde comedian in training snacked on a healthy treat while his doting mom looked on.

Looks like Amy is teaching him healthy eating habits - quite unlike her Parks and Recreation character, Lessee Knope, who odors everything with extra sugar and whipped cream.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Many Kids Are Snacking Instead Of Eating Meals

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Many Kids Are Snacking Instead Of Eating Meals

A new study has found that many US children are eating more snacks and not eating major meals such as breakfast and dinner, which are vital to providing nutrients necessary to a child’s development.

The American Dietetic Association Foundation found that 42% of white and Hispanic children missed breakfast some of the time, along with 59% of black children.

The survey also found that dinner is not eaten all the time by 22 percent of white children, 34 percent of black children and 38 percent of Hispanic children.

This is terrible! It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their kids are eating properly. If you have kids, do not take any chances with their health — if you do not give them guidance on proper eating habits they will make the wrong choices!

[Image via AP Images.]

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New Weight-Loss Drug Bloats Stomach To Eat Less

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Attiva from Gelesis fills stomach with gel

Are you always hungry? Do you find youself frequently over eating? Instead of filling yourself up with all that food, how about filling yourself up with some delicious hydrogel instead! Sound gross? We think so.

Researchers at a Boston-based company, Gelesis, have been testing a possible weight loss supplement called Attiva that swells into a gel-like substance that fills your stomach after it is consumed.

Although the substance is only the size of a sugar grain, once these grains in capsule form are consumed with water, it expands to the point where it stretches the stomach walls, stimulating nerve fibers that tell the brain you’re full.

You know who else regularly stretches their stomach? Hot dog eating champions, so they can fit more, and more food into their stomach! To some, this new drug may be the answer to avoid obesity, but to us it sounds like another excuse to avoid healthy eating habits and eat whatever else can fit into that hydrogel filled stomach of yours.

We think the best answer to obesity is a healthy diet and regular exercise, not another diet pill full of empty hydrogelled promises.

What do U think?

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Martha Stewart Worried About America's Weight Problem

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Martha Stewart Worried About Americas Weight Problem
Martha Stewart Worried About Americas Weight Problem

Martha Stewart took to twitter while watching a TED talk on American eating habits and obesity.

"Obesity trends in US are very very depressing. As are diabetes And heart disease trends"

"Our diet is horrible. 62 percent processed. Bad diet and tobacco account for most of disease"

These trends need to stop! The first step is learning how to eat right — educate yourself and start living a new life!

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