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Anna Wintour's Video For The Obama Campaign Under Attack!

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Oh no they didn't!

Republicans and conservative media outlets are raising hell over the devil's Anna Wintour's video for the Obama fundraising dinner she's co-hosting.

The Obama campaign unveiled the ad last Friday, the same day the Department of Labor reported an increase in unemployment, and quicker than Anna could say "don't be late" the Republican National Committee released their own rebuttal video (above)

So far no comment from Obama or La Wintour, but the dinner is still scheduled to go ahead as planned.


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David Beckham Erupts All Over Elle UK!

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Aaaaannnd our pantaloons just got a little tighter!

After a haze of HEATED anticipation, the delectable, unparalleled David Beckham Elle UK cover(s) have arrived!

Elle UK's Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy recently dished on the mag's momentous editorial decision

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Quote Of The Day


"She's a politician; I'm a stylist. They are two very different jobs."

-Former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld to Der Spiegel on the difference between her and American Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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Gisele Graces The Cover Of Vogue Paris


Vogue Paris' Emmanuelle Alt is following in Carine Roitfeld's footsteps by putting a big-name supermodel on the cover of her debut issue as editor-in-chief.

While her predecessor chose Kate Moss, the former fashion director nabbed Gisele Bundchen for the April issue.

The Brazilian beauty was snapped by Inez & Vinoodh on a country road wearing a lacy number from Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2011 collection.

It's not a bad start, but we're not blown away.

[Image courtesy of Vogue Paris.]

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Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani Defends Galliano

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Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani is slamming the people who filmed John Galliano at a Parisian bar, saying they took advantage of the situation and his fame.

Franca wrote on Vogue Italia's website:

There’s been a lot said and written in the last few days about the episode that alleged John Galliano made racist comments toward patrons of a bar in Paris.

I’ll repeat what I said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph on February 25: I am against and I condemn any kind of racism or any behavior that shows disrespect toward any religion.

But I would like to say that I’m just as disgusted by these people who saw what state John was in and took advantage of the situation by trading on his name and notoriety. It’s obvious that this was a bit inauthentic in the sense that if you are truly fighting with someone, you don’t have time to pick up a mobile phone, turn on the video GIGGLING and mockingly film what he is saying.

Exploiting someone’s notoriety to have your own moment of fame is one of the most disgraceful and disloyal things one can do. Any famous person is open to attack or insult, and it’s difficult to defend him when, as in this case, the news goes around the world.

Would these young people who have lashed out like this against John been so quick to make a video or call the police if he was not well-known? I don’t believe they would have. While I condemn John’s words, I think they were said in a certain moment when he wasn’t lucid. I am frightened by how quick these young people were to try to gain notoriety or money while destroying the image of a genius.

It's an inneresting argument, but the video was only released AFTER John was arrested and proved it wasn't just a one time incident.

Plus, seeing how much time Galliano spends in France he should know using anti-Semitic slurs are illegal.

[Image via News Pictures/WENN.]

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Bieber Fever Gets MAD!

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Oh man! The death threats are just going to be POURING in after this hits the shelves!

MAD Magazine, which we frankly didn't even realize was still in publication, has decided to play with Biebliever fire and lampoon Justin Bieber on the cover of their upcoming issue!

Editor-in-chief John Ficarra apparently though it was only fitting, as the pint-sized pop star has already been on the cover of Vanity Fair, and explains:

"That was probably the highlight of his career and being on the cover of MAD is the lowlight. We like to do what we call Zeitgeist covers. When we found that his movie was debuting just about the same time we would be coming with the issue, we knew he'd be all over the place. He'll hate it and buy every copy, and it will be a sellout. Or, conversely, Bieber won't even notice and we'll probably sell three copies of the issue. Every time we put one of these young teen stars on the covers — this goes back to New Kids on the Block — we do get a ton of mail from prepubescent girls. The weird thing is I happened to be looking through old issues and we did a piece on Elvis, too. So that must be hardwired into the DNA of prepubescent girls. When somebody attacks, they do the same. The magazine has changed quite a bit. We take ads, which was a trade-off for the color. Certainly the humor has been ramped up as society has been ramped up. MAD just reflects the signs of the times. It's a great time because there're so many whack jobs for us to go after. The lunatic fringe is alive and well from the right to the left. There's never a shortage of material."

LOLz! Oh man!

We commend them for their dedication to pissing off pre-teen girls, but we hope that they know who they're up against!

These kids do NOT mess around when it comes to this boy! WE certainly wouldn't want to mess with them!

Fingers crossed that they don't burn your office down! LOLz!

But really.


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Emmanuelle Alt Takes Over Vogue Paris

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Vogue Paris announced on Friday that Emmanuelle Alt will take over Carine Roitfeld's position as editor-in-chief starting February 1st.

We can't say we're completely surprised.

Alt has worked at the mag for the past 10 years as Fashion Director, so it makes sense.

Congrats and good luck.

[Image via Vogue Paris.]

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