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Chris Brown Dissed By Own Lawyer At Follow-Up Hearing To Rihanna Assault!

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When Chris Brown opens his mouth, beautiful music often comes out.

This time, however, it opened just wide enough to fit his foot in there!

The Don't Judge Me singer appeared in court yesterday and, when he spoke out of turn, his own lawyer quickly silenced him.

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Mitt Romney Watches On In Horror As Meat Loaf Butchers America The Beautiful!

Who said Republicans couldn't wrangle up celebrity endorsements?!

Mitt Romney's special guest at an Ohio rally yesterday was Meat Loaf!

Remember him? The I'd Anything for Love rocker was huge in 1992! And he drove the bus in the Greatest Movie Ever, a.k.a. Spice World!

It turns out he's an avid supporter of Mittens!

Or, maybe he isn't!! It's hard to tell because we aren't sure whether Mitt and Meat's duet did the former Governor's campaign any good!

Ch-ch-check out Mizter Loaf's unbelievable, indescribable, and slightly terrifying rendition of America the Beautiful (above)!

Uh… Is this what a brain aneurism feels like?

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Barbara Walters Lets Donald Trump Have It On The View!

Like one of Pete Sampras' tennis balls, Donald Trump just got SERVED!

We didn't think it was possible to love her more than we already did but, after laying the smack down on The View this morning, Barbara Walters is now one of our favorite all time faves!

Ch-ch-check her out in all of her wonderous glory (above)! Barbara looks directly into the camera and delivers a stern but never cruel monologue dressing-down conman behind The Apprentice (above)!

"Donald, you're making a fool of yourself," she concludes. And it's hard for us to disagree!!

The whole ordeal would

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Stephen Colbert Persuades Donald Trump To Suck On His Testicles For $1 Mil!

Now this is an offer we can get behind! Or under, as it were!

Donald Trump learned the hard way yesterday that, when you open your mouth to say something silly, you might find that vacuum suddenly filled with Stephen Colbert dangly ball-sack!!

After Donald announced he would only donate $5 mil to charity if President Obama catered to the real estate mogul's outrageous whims, Stephen countered with an unusual proposition of his own!

Ch-ch-check out this clip from The Colbert Report (above), for the most HIGHlariously indecent proposal we've seen in a long while!!

So whatya say, Mizter Trump?

Ready to close your eyes and open your mouth for a good cause!

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Demi Lovato WILL Get You To Vote, Or Else!

This ain't no X Factor shiz!

Demi Lovato wants you to vote for what's REALLY important!

To help spread the word about registering to vote the seXXXy reality show judge has teamed up with her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, and Voto Latino to make a HIGHlarious PSA.

Wanna get inspired and see Demi dressed like Sandra Dee in the last scene in Grease?? PRESS PLAY (above) to watch episode 3 of The Enforcers!

Missed the first two episodes of the PSA series? No problemo!

Click HERE to watch the first episode, and HERE to see the second!

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Celebrity Reactions To The INTENSE Second Presidential Debate!

barack-obama-mitt-romney-second-presidential-debate-town-hall-celebrity reaction

Whoa!! That town hall debate was FIERCE!!

For a minute there, we thought they'd break out in fisticuffs!

Barack Obama stood up with integrity last night and aggressively battled Mitt Romney and his binder full of women but the real hero of the evening may have been Candy Crowley, LOLz!! That gurl showed backbone doing a thankless job!

We're most curious, though, to see what our favorite celebs thought about the showdown!

HIGHlarious comedians like Patton Oswalt and Bill Maher took to Twitter and were strongly supportive of the President's performance!

Eva Longoria, Mary J. Blige, Aubrey O'Day, David Arquette and John Legend were also optimistic about how the Prez's win in the second debate might halt Mitten's momentum!!

Even super-hunk Ian Somerhalder wasn't afraid to show his political side last night!!

Donald Trump, of course, is always going to be Donald Trump!

Ch-ch-check out what each of them had to say about last night's incredible debate…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Battle It Out In 2nd Presidential Debate! Watch It HERE!

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Critics agree former Governor Mitt Romney rocked voters socks off and won the last debate by a landsiiiiiide.

However, President Barack Obama came to Hofstra University ready to rumble this time and wasn't afraid to stand up to Mittens last night.

Undecided voters asked tough questions and the candidates gave their best answers to try to win them over.

Press Play (above) to watch the donkey and elephant battle it out, then let us know who U think delivered a better argument (below)!

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