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Another HAWT Drive Sneak Peek

The more clips we see from this movie, the more we need to see it!

Here's the latest sneak peek: Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan share a passionate kiss in an intense elevator scene!

So much HAWTNESS!!

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Diva Demands: Justin Timberlake Edition!


Well, this is completely ridiculous reasonable!

After last night's NYC premiere of the movie Friends With Benefits, the comedy's stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were both spotted pAArtying on the rooftop of the Standard hotel, but apparently, being the lead in a movie that looks like it doesn't completely suck just wasn't enough for the former NSync-er!

Sources at the event claim that around 1am, JT decided he was le tired, so he had a hotel security guard remove three female guests from an elevator they were already getting into and claim it was "maintenance issues."

However, once the ladies had exited, the guard then

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Adele And Ryan Tedder Talk About Collaborating!

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Knowing how talented, HIGHlarious, and genuinely lovely she is, it's no surprise that she's found so many equally gifted people with whom to collaborate!

Adele recently opened up about her INSPIRED sophomore album, 21, and explained that she came to work with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder on the gorgeous track Turning Tables after the two had an awkward encounter in an elevator after the 2009 Grammy Awards!

She explains:

"The Grammys in 2009—we were both staying in the same hotel. I got in the elevator with about a hundred heart balloons. Then Ryan got in as well and all he could hear is my cackle, which I think has become a bit infamous. And he was kind of searching through the balloons to find me, and we were like, ‘Amazing. We’ve definitely got to work together now.'"

Which made us recall something Tedder said a little over a year ago:

“I’m working with Adele right now, who’s inspiring me like crazy. I hadn’t written a song in about a month, literally, until yesterday. The less I write, the better the songs are.”

So cool - especially now since we've been able to listen to the album in its entirety, and can certainly agree that the track is RIDICULOUSLY good!

We certainly hope you two can collaborate again soon! You two are a musical match made in heaven!


[Images via WENN.]

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Vince Neil Accused Of Attacking Woman In Elevator!

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Vince Neil is being investigated after he allegedly assaulted a woman in the elevator at the Hilton resort in Las Vegas!

The victim claims that he lunged at her after she asked him to reveal his identity when she couldn't figure out who he was from TV.

Supposedly Neil pushed her up against the elevator buttons and left her with bruises on her arms!

Get a grip, Vince — but not on others!


[Image via WENN.]

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JoBros Trapped In An Elevator!

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If you were a tween in El Lay last weekend, we probably heard you screaming over at the The Grove, where the Jonas Brothers were performing a free concert.

We bet you saw a pretty decent show, but what you didn't see was all the trouble the JoBros had after they left.

Sources confirm that the boys were all trapped inside an elevator for a half hour! "For the first 15 minutes they thought it was funny, but after 30 they started to worry," said the insider.

The security guard had to forcefully pry open the doors to try and escape, but the elevator was between floors. Thankfully for the fellas, they were skinny enough to squeeze through, but their "giant" bodyguard didn't have the same luck.

How scary! We wonder how it went unnoticed that the boys were missing for so long?

Weren't there over a thousand girls keeping tabs on them at all times???

[Image via WENN.]

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