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And The First Eliminated Off DWTS Is…

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Disney Withdraws SEAL Team 6 Trademark Request

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SEAL Team Six Trademark Dropped

Shizz! We'll never get that SEAL Team 6 cartoon where the unit is actually made up of cute little seals like we had hoped!


Looks like Disney has pulled their trademark bid for the title of the group that eliminated Osama Bin Laden.

Why do you ask? Because of the Navy:

The Navy responded to Disney's actions by filing their own trademark paper for the terms 'SEAL Team' and 'Navy SEALs' on May 13 in order to protect itself.

The Navy claimed in the filing that the phrases denote "membership in an organization of the Department of the Navy that develops and executes military missions involving special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics."

Disney officials said they withdrew their trademark paperwork in deference to the Navy.

Apparently Disney had wanted to use the trademark for an upcoming war-based television series, but we guess they'll just have to call the group something else.

Either way, we think it's kind of wrong to try and put a trademark on a brave group of men like that.

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Sitting cozily beside each other last night at the American Idol performance show were eliminated contestant Paul McDonald and his girlfriend, Nikki Reed.

If you look closely, they're sitting just behind Steven Tyler in the audience and were nothing but affectionate every time the camera caught sight of them!

Still going strong, eh? Wonder if he has seen any of her movies yet…

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Alabama Senate Approves Of Not Being Racist

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Better late than never.

Last week, the Alabama state legislation passed an amendment to their state constitution that would eliminated all outdated and ignorant racial references and segregationist laws.

In a 22-9 vote, will ALL of the Republicans voting in favor, the measure was passed to remove references to "Jim Crow" and any language that calls for separation of black and white individuals. The proposed amendment will now move to the House of Representatives for consideration. If signed by the governor, it must go to voters for approval.

Um, excuse you, nine democrat Alabama senators - you mind telling us what your beef is? Some reason you want to keep your state constitution racist and outdated? The thing was written in 1901 for crying out loud! That's over a century!

Get with the times people! Get with the times!

P.S. - Their constitution is also ridiculously long! with 827 amendments and 340,000 words, it's 40 times longer than the U.S. Constitution. Wowza!

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Glitch In The System? Was Pia Really Voted Off American Idol Last Night?

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Those of you who have vowed to never watch American Idol again after last night's elimination, listen up. Supposedly, the whole thing could have been avoided.

If you haven't been watching AI this season, you're unfazed by the fact that Pia Toscano was eliminated last night, when many people had her pegged to win the whole thing. The fans were shocked. The judges were floored. Ryan Seacrest almost cried!

Okay, that didn't happen, but it was a pretty emotional evening, one that could have possibly been avoided. Sources are reporting that there might have been a glitch in the online voting system that actually cost Pia votes. Viewers have complained that when trying to vote for the singer via the show's website, their votes wouldn't register. One couple admits to having to reload the page five times before being able to process a vote. And honestly, who is that invested in the show that they'd stick around that long to get a vote in.

So, could Pia have been saved? Possibly…but then again, remember, America voted off Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry. It happens!

[Image via WENN.]

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Cher Lloyd Gets A Recording Contract From will.i.am!!!

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Cher Lloyd may have lost X Factor, but we imagine right now she's saying to herself, "So what?!"

will.i.am has reportedly made good on his previous promise, and has offered the reality contestant a recording contract!

Sources report that The Black Eyed Peas singer, who was already on hand during the Finals to accompany her in a duet, promised to make Lloyd a huge star only moments after she was eliminated backstage!

The insider explains:

"He vowed to help her grow and develop as a recording artist. Will also spoke to her family, promising them he'll try to make her a star."


We had no doubt in our mind that Cher would make a seamless transition into superstardom, but we're just thrilled that it's happening so fast!

Congratulations, bb! We wish you nothing but all the success in the world!

[Image via WENN.]

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X Factor Dramz! Eliminated Wagner Carrilho Banned From Speaking To The Press!


Ha! No fun!

While most X Factor contestants immediately hit up the press circuit upon elimination from the reality competition, the HIGHlarious Wagner Carrilho has been mysteriously mum - and now sources are coming forward to reveal that the head honchos are keeping him from speaking out because they're afraid of what he might say or do!

The insider explains:

"Wagner was banned from speaking to the other contestants on Sunday and yesterday they turned down dozens of media requests because they were worried what he might say. Wagner could say anything at any time so it looked like an accident waiting to happen. They spent the day giving him advice so that when he does speak he won't damage the show's image. He was effectively gagged. No other contestant had this treatment this series."

LOLz! You'd think that they would have thought about that during his time on the show and prepared him then!

C'mon, guys! Let him loose!

We would LOVE to hear what he has to say! In fact, we encourage it!

[Image via WENN.]

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