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Keith Olbermann Fired From Current TV

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Keith Olbermann just can't keep a job!

The news anchor has kissed another cable job away after Current TV decided to part ways with the pundit.

The network run by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt released a statement stating that Olbermann

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Eliot Spitzer's CNN Show Gets Cancelled, Replaced With Anderson Cooper

eliot spitzer show cancelled

Sorry, Spitzer!

Last month, Eliot Spitzer's ratings on CNN were NOT doing so hot, and it was looking like he might lose his show if he didn't figure something out.

Unfortunately for Eliot, it appears that he wasn't able to bring in more viewers, and his show has officially been cancelled.

Starting Aug 8, instead of

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Spitzer Needs To Spit Something Good Or Else He's Axed From CNN Lineup

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Former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer, might need to look for a new gig pretty soon.

His CNN talk-show, In the Arena, hasn’t been doing so well in ratings lately. According to sources, Spitzer was informed the program won’t be seen on the cable news network’s line-up very much longer.

When asked for opinion on rumored cancellation, an insider source claims the general consensus of the CNN staff is a happy one.

Ouch. Unless you can spike ratings up, sorry Spitz!

[Image via JDH/JCP/WENN.]

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Donald Trump Challenged To Show 'Certification Of Net Worth'

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Most likely in response to Donald Trump running his mouth on any media outlet he can get on about President Barack Obama's birth certificate, CNN's Eliot Spitzer has challenged the real estate mogul to show his "certification of net worth".

There's a taste of the Trump's own medicine!

However, both "certifications" are really, completely meaningless.

A) Barack IS our president (whether anyone likes it or not) and shouldn't have to respond to some rich dude taunting him to prove his citizenship.

B) How much money Donald Trump is worth doesn't prove whether or not he can lead a country, just the amount of campaign contributions he will need.

We know how much people like to distract each other from the REAL issues by making a big deal about birthdays and bank accounts, so we are a little anxious to hear Donald's response!

Do U think Donald Trump should prove his net worth or do U think that is as silly as Obama having to prove his United States citizenship?

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Elliot Spitzer Doing Worse Than Rick Sanchez

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cnns parker spitzer tanks in the ratings

We didn't even know that was possible!

CNN debuted Parker Spitzer this week, the hourlong roundtable with disgraced New York State governor Eliot Spitzer and conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, and it tanked.

The show only brought in 465,500 viewers for the week, which wasn't much lower than Rick Sanchez's show Rick's List. His show had 3 million more viewers when it temporarily took over that time slot.

And despite the buzz over the premiere, Parker Spitzer was beat by cable competition Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olbermann and Nancy Grace.

Should have stuck with Campbell Brown!

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More Beckham Dramaz! Famous Madam Claims David Was A Client!


Another whore heard from.

This week, In Touch Weekly published a story from a 26-year-old prostitute who claimed to have gotten busy for $$$ with David Beckham. Of course, Becks has his people adamantly denying the whole thing, but there is a new person in the hooker's corner adding fuel to the fire. You'd probably best know her is the lady bits that were attached to Eliot Spitzer not too long ago - Madam Kristin Davis!

The Madam has given new details about David's alleged affair, claiming to have helped her fellow call girl with a special order. She tells In Touch Magazine that ho, Irma Nici, "called me and asked if I could supply one of my girls for a threesome. Per her request, I sent a 'brunette with curves' at the rate of $2,400 cash. The next time we spoke, she informed me that the client was David Beckham."

Is that the going rate these days? Sounds like a really expensive way to catch chlamydia, if you ask us!

We're still having trouble believing that Becks would step out on his wife, considering how insanely gorgeous she is and how mild mannered he tends to be. Still, we have some doubts, considering the kind of year Hollywood's starlets have had.

Fingers crossed for you, Posh!

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Eliot Spitzer's Madam Wants To Be New York's GovernWhore!

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This is a rather interesting turn of events!

Kristin Davis the ex-madam to one Eliot Spitzer (not Charlotte on Sex & The City) has gotten herself on the ballot to run for Governor of New York State!

That's right…there's a whore looking for political control!

Kristin obtained the necessary amount of signatures to add her name to the race, a whooping 23,000 which is more than the 15,000 required.

We don't know how many favors she had to call in for this one, but we assume she cashed in from a lot of her old clients!

Her platform includes a stance of pro-marijuana and pro-gay marriage and she becomes the first woman in New York history to run for the office while on probation (for one count of promoting prostitution in the third degree).

What a legacy!

Well, New York sure would be a lot more fun with her as governor! (Also, we imagine the STD rates would sky rocket! )

[Image via AP Images.]

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