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Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol Could Equal DEATH!!

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It's New Year's Eve tonight!!

There are gonna be so many parties, and that usually means a whole lot of drinking.

So, thinking about chugging several Red Bull vodkas so you can power through your party and make it well past midnight??

Maybe that's not such a good idea…

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10 Health Tips For 2013: Ingestion Intermission!

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Everyone makes a New Year's resolution to be healthier, but precious few actually follow through on it!

But what if there were simple ways you could improve your health?

Dietician Julieanna Hever says there are, and she has ten amazing tips for staying healthy in 2013!

Here's one!

Give your digestive tract a mini-vacation each night from the energy-intensive process of digestion and absorption, and allow your body to focus on repair, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Stop eating about 3-4 hours before bed and then bring on the meals slowly and gently in the morning. Begin your day with some water (add a squeeze of fresh citrus or herbs, like mint leaves, if you prefer). Then have some tea. Once you begin to feel true physical hunger, enjoy your first solid meal. It should be several hours since your last meal and, in that time between, your cells are detoxified and eager to start anew. Bonus: the food you first eat will taste even better!

Check back with us every day for the rest of the year for more of the 10 Great Health Tips for 2013! Special thanks to Julieanna Hever!

Follow her on Twitter HERE and pick up her rad-as-hell book HERE!!!

[Image via Roger McLassus/Wikimedia Commons.]

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Ashley Tisdale Is A Pro At The Workout Game!

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ashley tisdale pro workout game

Ashley Tisdale knows what it takes to stay in shape.

It takes dedication, perseverance, time, energy, and hard work.

What it doesn't take is makeup!

We don't know why, but we're alway pumped to see celeb ladies hitting the gym without makeup. It lets us know they're serious about what they're about to do, not focused on what they're going to do BEFORE the hit the squat machine!

LOLz — we're not saying if you wear make up to the gym you're not working hard, we're saying that if you're a celeb, it's suspect.


Keep up the hard work, Ashley! That butt looks fiiiiiiine!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Melissa Joan Hart Wants How Many Babies?

Melissa Joan Hart Wants How Many Babies

Melissa Joan Hart adores her three sons Brady, Mason, and newborn Tucker!

In fact, three isn't even enough! The Clarissa Explains It All star wants to have way more babies! There's only one problem

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Dr. Oz Tried To Teach Dr. Phil To Meditate!

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Though they may have competing talk shows, when it comes to health, these doctors forget about any rivalry.

Being a doctor is not a stress free life, so Dr. Oz practices transcendental meditation to help calm and center himself.

He figured Dr. Phil could reap similar benefits from meditating too, so they actually met up and Dr. Oz tried to teach him.

A source said:

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Is 5-Hour Energy Going To Kill You Ruthlessly?

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We're not sure if we understand why anybody would be taking 5-Hour Energy when it's widely known that they haven't released what's in it. Most of it, sure, but there's still that stuff they won't talk about…

Add that it's trying to murder you, and you have enough reasons to never use it for anything than throwing at squirrels to get away from your bird feeder (not really!).

A new report cites the little bottles of pure caffeine — 207 mg, which is twice as much as a cup of coffee and almost three times as much caffeine as a small can of Red Bull — as a potential offender in 13 deaths over the past 4 years!

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Jenny McCarthy: How To Deal With Name-Calling

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Jenny McCarthy is nothing if not a kind and caring soul.

So when someone comes to her with a problem, asking her how to deal with people being mean, you know she's going to be giving the best advice she can for that person.

Seriously, just the fact that she takes the time to respond is wonderful, but then she goes out of her way to help this fellow human:

I have epilepsy, which is under control and everything, but for some reason I still get really upset over people making comments and jokes about it. I’ve spoken to my mom about it, but she doesn’t seem to care. I don’t know how to tell people to back off, but in a really polite way.

Jenny's response:

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