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Benedict Cumberbatch Smolders With Sexiness As Sherlock On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly!

Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock cover


Benedict Cumberbatch is always hot, but as Sherlock, he's downright SWOON-worthy!

The Sherlock actor graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly with his gorgeous mug, and we seeeeriously cannot stop staring!

Look at those blue eyes! They suck you right in!

We think we just miiiiiight be joining the legion of Cumberb*tches!


[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

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50 Shades' Dakota Johnson On Why People Exercise: To Look Good Naked, Feel Awesome!

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dakota johnson fitness 50 shades naked body

Dakota Johnson has a huge obstacle to hurdle soon — playing a character millions of people have only seen in their imaginations, and be naked while doing it!

Obvi she's staying in shape for the role, and in fact is finding out exactly why people love to exercise!

Here's what she told Entertainment Weekly:

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Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)!

most difficult celebrities to work with or so we hear

Tantrums, feuds, and diva attitudes are all, unfortunately, part of the entertainment industry.

The rumors about Katherine Heigl on set and the reports of Charlie Sheen's disdain for co-stars are only two of the more well-known celebrity reputations.

However, we bet you don't know about January Jones or how much of a diva Nicki Minaj ACTUALLY is.

CLICK HERE to see the gallery and read more about the, "Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Most Difficult Celebs To Work With (Or So We Hear)"

[Image via Alberto Reyes/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Cee Lo Green's Vegas Show Loberace Has Room For Familiar Faces!

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Do you even know what to expect when you go see Cee Lo's Vegas show, Cee Lo Green Is Loberace??

We have no idea, but we bet it'll blow minds! In fact, it took a sit down in an interview (above — we see you, TY KU!) for him to even remotely scratch the surface on what the whole thing is about:

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Prince Jackson Joins The Entertainment Biz!

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One of us! One of us! Gooble, gobble - LOLz!

Prince Jackson has become a special reporter for Entertainment Tonight, and his boss is more than happy with the results!

Brooke Anderson brought Prince Jackson on to interview James Franco among others for publicity segments for Oz the Great and Powerful.

Here's what Brooke said:

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Is Noah Cyrus Following In Miley's Footsteps??


When you grow up in a show biz family… you tend to end up in show biz!

It's not different for Noah Cyrus!

Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a big music star turned actor and her sister, Miley Cyrus is a huge musician/actor!

So of course Noah is following in big sis Miley's footsteps.

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Samuel L. Jackson Makes The Best Political Ad EVER!!!

Attention America! Samuel L. Jackson would like to "strongly suggest that you wake the f*ck up" this election season.

Using his audio recording of the children's book Go The F*ck To Sleep as inspiration, the Pulp Fiction star has created the best political ad we've ever seen (above).

He teams up with a little girl who can't sleep after reading Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's platform. Together they talk to all of her family members in the most vulgar, yet HIGHlarious way possible — all while making

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