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Susan Lucci Slams ABC Daytime Head For Canceling All My Children!

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Well…we didn't expect her to take this all lying down!

Susan Lucci, who recently filmed her last scenes as Erica Kane on the canceled All My Children, has decided to write one nasty, pissed off epilogue to her memoir, All My Life, slamming ABC Daytime head Brian Frons as the sole blame for the soap's demise!

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Losties! Want To Know The Alternative Ending To Lost???

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You wondering how there are spoilers to a show that's already ended, aren't you?

Well, there were so many unanswered questions when Lost was over that we dare say there might be spoilers thrown around for the next 5 years or so.

But anyway, the final season of Lost will be available on DVD this week and in the special features department there is something truly epic for fans - an alternative ending.

More accurately, its a kind of epilogue, explaining what happened after Jack closed his eyes and went to the island in the great beyond. Fans know that Hurley became the new Jacob and took Ben on as his #2 man, but this epilogue explains more about what happened during that time as well as answer some of the big questions left unanswered in the series.

Want to know what happens? Remember, we said it before SPOILER ALERT!

The epilogue starts off in a warehouse in Guam, where two man have been building the food bundles that get dropped off on the island for the last couple decades without even knowing that the Dharma Initiative had folded. Ben arrives to relieve them of their duties, announcing that there is a new man in charge and that their services are no longer required. Of course, they have questions, but rather than answer them personally, Ben shows them an old Hydra Station Orientation Video by Dr. Pierre Chang.

This is where the good stuff comes in. We learn that the island didn't have just one polar bear, but several, brought to the island to be the subject of electromagnetic studies. We learn that the female bears are kept from getting preggers as the "electromagnetic levels have harmful effects on early term gestation.” (Hence why woman could not get pregnant on the island.)

The tape covers a lot, ranging from Room 23 to the Hurley Bird. Once the DVD is over, Ben leaves for his second stop of the evening.

Ben arrives at the Hurley's old mental institution to see a boy named Keith Johnson. Keith turns out to be Walt, but why he is in the hospital, we never learn. (Hey, this is Lost! There had to be one mystery thrown in there.)

And that's as much as we can tell, other than viewers will get some closure on the Walt storyline as well. It's a really good watch for anyone who felt a bit slighted from the finale.

Okay Losties - thoughts?

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More Lost Mysteries Cleared Up! The Island Explained, What Happened To Hurley And Ben To Be Revealed!

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We feel more filled in on WTF was going on in Lost than we did the effing show's entire run!!

Now that the series has come to a conclusion that left a lot of unanswered questions, many will be put at ease to know that the upcoming DVD release of the complete series will feature not only additional solutions to many of the mysteries, but also will feature an extended epilogue to the show!


As most know by now, Hurley took on the role of the island's protector after Jack realized he had to sacrifice himself to defeat that sneaky smoke monster and restore the Light to the island!

However, because the show didn't give any insight to his post-series life with Benjamin Linus, actor Michael Emerson revealed that the DVD will feature an epilogue chronicling their new destinies!

He says:

"For those people that want to pony up and buy the complete Lost series, there is a bonus feature. Which is um, you could call it an epilogue. A lost scene. It's a lot; it's 12 or 14 minutes that opens a window onto that gap of unknown time between Hurley (Jorge Garcia) becoming number one and the end of the series. It's self-contained. Although, it's a rich period in the show's mythology that 's never been explored, so who knows what will come of it."

Excellent! We're definitely curious to see what happens! And, seeing as it's already been reported that we'll get an insight on the DVD regarding WTF happened to Walt, maybe he'll get a short, too!

And for everyone still attempting to piece the show's mythology together, CLICK HERE to read an AMAZEBALLS summary of what exactly the island is, and its purpose in relation to the characters!

It makes EVERYTHING much clearer, more satisfying, and easier to digest!


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The scene Harry Potter fans have been dreading!

The Epilogue scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed Monday at King's Cross station in London. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were escorted to set with bags over their heads to avoid being seen, but some lucky muggle caught a glimpse of DanRad filming with his "wife" Bonnie Wright.

They look pretty wrecked! Like 30 going on 50!


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Potter Spoilers!

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Finally, some answers!

For those of you who are curious to know how the young Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows actors will be aged twenty years for the film's adaptation of the love-it-or-hate-it series epilogue, Tom Felton, who appears in the scene as the nefarious Draco Malfoy, was kind enough to spill some info!

He's confirmed that Director David Yates is not just relying on aging the actors with CQI, they'll be using prosthetics as well!

Says Tom:

"For nearly two months, we've all been doing prosthetic tests and all sorts of preparation for the epilogue. I've been having some aging training. You've got to walk differently. There's a slump in your walk. It's going to be the last big thing that we do. It's going to be on location. It's bizarre. We have a lovely guy who comes in. It was a little weird the first time — imagine you've got weights on your arms! There have been a number of times where I nearly laughed and I had to hold it in. We're probably at the most exciting bit. Certainly the part I've been most looking forward to. It's going to be very exciting."


We're glad they're taking the time to work with the teens - readers of the series were pretty split in half on the cheese factor at the end of the last book, so it's nice to know that they're committed to make the actors look and appear as legit as possible!

Otherwise, the entire sequence would definitely look RIDICULOUS!

What do U think?? Will they successfully pull off aging the cast??

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