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Beyoncé Oozes Marilyn Monroe Flare In Out Magazine & That's Not Too Surprising Considering What She's Saying About Her Sexuality!

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beyonce out mag


Beyoncé is so hot right now!

And while we know she's usually cranking up our sexual heat index on the reg, the singer recently realized that letting her freaky side shine is super liberating!

In the new issue of Out magazine, Yoncé talked about her amped up sinful image, and how her newest album showed her the seXXX-rated way:

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Less Cushion For The Pushin' Makes For Better TV!? Chris Harrison Says No To A Chubby Bachelor!

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chris harrison no fat bachelor

Way harsh, Ty Chris Harrison!

The Bachelor and Bachelorette host clearly has no idea what average Americans look like today - because he believes there will never be a normal-looking leading man on the hit ABC dating series!

In a new interview, Chris was brutally honest with his idea of television perfection, revealing there will never be an overweight main character on his show:

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Chris HarrisonChris HarrisonChris HarrisonChris HarrisonChris Harrison

Beyoncé Debuts Gay Inclusive Undies Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

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tumblr lvqws4ncaz1qgzr04o1 500

The 14th of February just got even better!

Step aside, elite designers, Queen Beyoncé released all inclusive underwear sets just in time for Valentine's Day!

And when we say all inclusive, we really mean all inclusive!!

The Drunk in Love singer has forever been a supporter of equality for all, so it's pretty incredible yet not surpising for the songstress to sell these fantastic gift sets!

Cuz you see… whether you're in a gay or straight relationship, Bey has all the bases covered!

These seski undies, emblazoned with the words 'MINE' and 'YOURS' as a nod to her musical collaboration with Drake, are sold in a variety of different sets for all lovers alike!

So if you're looking for a last minute gift for your loved one, these undies by Yoncé would be perf!!

Ch-ch-check out the undie set (below)!

Then CLICK HERE to purchase your own if you end up loving them as much as we do!

P.S. Need even more Valentine's gifts? CLICK HERE for some awesome ideas!

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Cosmetics Company’s Love Campaign BANNED From Russia Due To Anti-Gay Legislation!

Lush's Valentine\'s Day campaign has been banned in Russia for supporting equal love!

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE!

And the British cosmetics company Lush aims to use the romantic holiday to show their support for gay rights and love equality through their thoughtful Valentine’s Day campaign.

The campaign is called “We Believe In Love”, and dayum right we support it!!

But as one might guess, anti-gay legislation in Russia prohibits the Russian branches of Lush from participating. UGH!!

However, the company is returning the snub by organizing an LGBT festival outside the Russian embassy in London on V-Day.

Lush’s head of campaigns Tamsin Omond released the following statement:

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Beyoncé Puts Feminism Front & Center In Essay Asking Men To Do Their Part In Achieving Equality!

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beyonce feminism essay

She isn't just here to cheer on the single ladiez!

Beyoncé is here for ALL the ladiez!

The singer and actress wrote an essay as part of a multi-author series, and she revealed what she wants to see done in order for women to achieve equality with men.

And what she wants is for men to speak up and demand the ladiez get what they deserve!

In part of the essay she wrote for The Shriver Report, she said:

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Nelson Mandela's Passing Brings President George W. Bush Sr. & Jr. To Release Heartfelt Statements About The Iconic Leader

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president bushes speak

Such sad news today!

Nelson Mandela has passed away at the age of 95.

Being a prominent political figure, people are remembering this great man.

Both former president's George H.W. Bush Sr. & George W. Bush Jr. have given their condolences to Nelson Mandela's memory and his family.

Former President George W. Bush Jr. said:

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Madonna Speaks Out On The "Iconic" Message Love Conquers Hate Delivers & Why YOU Should Support The Cause!

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Madonna love conquers hate support

When the Queen is right, she is RIGHT!

Madonna recently took to Instagram to show her support of the Human Rights Campaign's Love Conquers Hate project and now she is speaking out about how important it is that we all throw our support behind the campaign!

The project is to show the Russia LGBT community that we support them through all of the hateful and AWFUL laws being passed in Russia what with upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics being so close.

So, major DUH that we should ALL support it!

Her Madgesty said:

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