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Finally! Trump Family & Their Charity Sued By New York AG For 'Persistent Illegal Conduct'!

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With all the other Donald Trump scandals, everyone forgets about the cruelest — his charity scam.

For years the Trump family has allegedly been using the Trump Foundation to steal from real charities, and it's disgusting.

But the New York State Attorney General's office didn't. They announced on Thursday they're suing the Trump Foundation for what they call "a pattern of persistent illegal conduct."

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The AG has named the President but also Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump in their lawsuit.

See the accusations against the Trump family (below)! The AG's office writes:

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Jim Carrey's Explicit Drawing Of Donald Trump Fucking Stormy Daniels Should Be In The Museum Of Modern Art

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Forget Kim Jong Un and his nukes! Donald Trump's biggest threat might just be Jim Carrey and his paintbrush.

The actor has been getting a lot of attention for the stunning political caricatures he draws and shares on Twitter, which have taken aim at guns in schools, D.C. hypocrisy, and of course the Bronze Trumpet himself.

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The installments are, like Carrey's mind, cartoonish and maybe a little twisted — but a recent entry is truly haunting: an image of Trump probing Stormy Daniels in all their adulterous glory!

Ch-ch-check out the graphic artwork (below), along with several others — including one of Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. being impaled by an elephant's tusks!

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Eric Trump Brags About Being A Jeopardy Answer, Subjects Himself To Relentless Twiticule

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Eric Trump: businessman, brother-in-law, and frequent punchline of his own joke.

The 34-year-old was really excited about the fact he was an answer on Jeopardy! Thursday and couldn't help but share the moment with his social media followers.

Posting an image of the answer "Eric Trump to Jared Kushner," Donald Trump's son shared the question was "Who is ‘brother in law.'"

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Twitter, however, had much more fitting (and creative!) descriptions for the First Son, who has been running the Trump Organization with brother Don Jr. since their father entered the White House. And yes, most responses were felon-related.

See some of the best responses to Eric's humble brag gone bad (below).

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Trump Called Elephant Trophy Hunting A 'Horror Show' — But Now He's Lifting The Ban Anyway!

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He was already ranked as the worst U.S. president ever in a Presidents' Day survey, but Donald Trump won't be happy until he's batting a thousand.

You may recall last year Trump's Secretary of State, Ryan Zinke, was planning on reversing the Obama administration ban on bringing big game trophies back from Africa into the United States.

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And yes, by "trophies" of elephants, lions, and bonteboks, we mean severed heads, tusks, and tails — like the one Donald Trump Jr. is holding (above).

But the POTUS actually changed his mind on that after public outcry, calling the practice a "horror show" on Twitter at the time, saying:

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Donald Trump May Have Broken The Law For The Dumbest Reason Possible!

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Looks like Donald Trump might have driven himself into yet another legal mess — this time, for the dumbest, Trump-iest reason possible!

It's being reported that POTUS may have broken the law by ordering dozens of golf tee markers with the presidential seal of the United States on them.

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This poses a problem for Donny, as federal law states that the seal of the president can ONLY be used for official government affairs and, if used incorrectly, could result in a penalty of up to six months in jail.

While former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush both put the presidential seal on specially made golf balls, Trump's tee marker situation is different because

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'He Only Sees One Color: GREEN' — See Eric Trump's Strange Defense Of His Father's Racism!

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You know how when someone says something incredibly stupid on Family Feud, their team will rally behind them and say, "GOOD ANSWER, GOOD ANSWER!"

This is just like that. Except what Donald Trump said about not wanting immigrants from "shithole countries" was incredibly racist and he's not trying to win $235, he's deciding the future of the United States.

But like families do, Eric Trump is now doing the rounds defending his father, repeating the "least racist person" ever lie.

Video: Ellen Flawlessly Responds To Eric Suggesting She's Part Of A 'Deep State' Conspiracy!

Only he added an interesting twist on Fox & Friends, saying:

"My father sees one color: Green. That is all he cares about. He cares about the economy. He does not see race. He is the least racist person I ever met in my entire life. It is total nonsense."

Um, what? Watch the moment and get our take (below)!

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Ellen DeGeneres Flawlessly Responds To Eric Trump Suggesting She's Part Of The Deep State Conspiracy!

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Ellen DeGeneres is deeply sorry to disappoint you, Eric Trump.

The daytime host responded to the first son's pustulation that she is part of the Deep State conspiracy, simply because Twitter suggested he follow her account.

On Thursday's taping, Ellen admitted to being flattered by the notion of her being influential enough to be involved with a shadowy entity that conspiracy theorists believe secretly controls the elected government.

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The only thing is, there's no WAY Ellen has the time for a commitment like that — she's too busy with her Gay Agenda meetings (is it our turn to host this week?) and Illuminati brunches with Beyoncé. Busy lady!

Watch the video (below) to hear Ellen throw out a few logical explanations as to why Twitter would suggest Eric follow her account.

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