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Deion Sanders Thinks His Kids Aren't Worth $10,000 A Month

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Deion Sanders is not happy with the $10,000 a month a judge ordered him to pay to his estranged wife Pilar.

He feels that it's not fair and claims that it's six times more than Texas law requires.

Buuuuut, Pilar claims that the stingy bastard Deion is worth about $250 million!! So $10,000 a month is nothing to him.

If that's true, to put it in perspective, that'd be like

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CPS Tells Jeremy London's Estranged Wife To "Stay Away" From Her Son

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Oh Jesus.

That poor child.

Not only does he have to deal with his dad's drama, but now his mom's too.

Child Protective Services has told Jeremy London's estranged wife, Melissa Cunningham, to stay away from their four-year-old son, Lyrik, due to violence between the couple.

Both Jeremy and Melissa had an argument over their son and were told by CPS that he needed to be taken out of the home. He's currently living with Melissa's mother, who has had full adoptive custody for over a year.

An insider says:

"CPS got really concerned when they heard about the allegations of violence and all the drama surrounding the whole incident. They showed up at the home where Lyrik is living and made it clear that Melissa had to go.

It’s unclear how long Melissa was planning on staying, but CPS gave the ultimatum that she had to go or Lyrik would be removed. "

And what's even sadder is that Melissa may have provoked the incident to "create drama" for an upcoming reality show she's trying to pitch.


The insider adds:

"Melissa has been recently contacted by a reality show wanting her to appear as a 'celebrity ex-wife.' She left messages with several of her friends and family members last week saying that the show wanted her to create conflict and drama between herself and Jeremy, and specifically they wanted her to create a scenario that makes Jeremy look bad."

Meanwhile, Jeremy's rep denies all allegations, saying:

"This is a false allegation and we understand that the police have to follow protocol in issuing an arrest warrant — standard when any woman files a complaint of domestic abuse. However, no such abuse occurred and these allegations will soon be proven false."

Unbelievable. Thank goodness Lyrik has his grandmother to stay with. These two are not fit to be parents.

Let's hope he gets to have some sort of normalcy in his life.

[Image via WENN.]

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Mel Gibson To Do His Community Service At Wife's Charity

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Well, well, well. Isn't that convenient??

Mel Gibson wasn't sentenced to any jail time in his case against Oksana, however, he was ordered to do 16 hours of community service.

Seems like he's getting off pretty easy again as the court has allowed him to choose where to complete his community service.

In fact, they're even allowing him to help out at Mending Kids International, a charity run by his estranged wife, Robyn Gibson.

Don't get us wrong…we're sure Mending Kids International is a great charity and we're happy that Mel will be doing something for others in his court-ordered sentencing, but doesn't this seem just a little too convenient??

What do U think? Is Mel getting off a little too easy??

[Image via WENN.]

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